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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greetings from Susan Wiggs!

"Don't you stay at home some evenings? Don't you love a cushioned seat in a corner, by the fireside, with your slippers on your feet?"

Fireside is a book for anyone who has ever been taken completely by surprise by one of lifes big events. When Bo Crutcher left Texas to follow a dream, he had no idea he would one day have a chance to be a father to his son, AJ. And when Kimberly van Dorn moved back to the small Catskills town of Avalon to rebuild her future after a bad breakup, she had no idea she would find her own dream...in the most unexpected of ways. You can find more info and links to buy or request from the library on my web site, www.susanwiggs.com.

To celebrate having a new book in the stores, I got a little creative and made a video. Check it out here Video or go to YouTube and do a search for "Lakeshore Chronicles." It’s about 3 minutes long...My very first effort! I hope you enjoy the images.

Staying in touch--I love to hear from readers! You can visit the message board on my site here-- Message Board Or you can get all the scoop from my ever-changing blog here Blog, or view photos here Photos and here Photos. To subscribe to my Yahoo group, send a blank e-mail to Words4Women-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Thanks–it’s fun to keep in touch!

A lot of readers want to know which books are in the Lakeshore Chronicles, in which order. Here’s a list:

Summer at Willow Lake (followed by a novella: "Homecoming Season" published in More Than Words, Volume 3)
The Winter Lodge
Snowfall at Willow Lake
Lakeshore Christmas (coming in October 2009)

And here’s a list of my upcoming titles for 2009. Lots to choose from!

Fireside - February
Just Breathe (paperback reissue) - May
Lord of the Night (paperback reissue) - June
At the King’s Command (reissue; original title was Circle in the Water) - August
The Maiden’s Hand (reissue; original title was Vows Made in Wine) - September
At the Queen’s Summons (reissue; original title was Dancing on Air) - October
Lakeshore Christmas - October

There are more new books to come, including Daisy’s story, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’m spending the bleak midwinter indoors by a cozy fire, reading, writing and dreaming the days away.

Stay warm,

Susan Wiggs

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lastnerve said...

Susan, these books look amazing! I will be putting them on my list. Thanks so much for being here today! Have a wonderful day!