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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Grand Opening with Alexis Morgan

Let me begin by thanking the folks here at You Gotta Read for inviting me to be part of their Grand Opening! I’m happy to be hanging out here for the day. It will be nice to have someone to “talk” to besides all those voices in my head!

Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about for a while. People often ask me the same question when they first meet me: why do I write the kind of books I do? By the puzzled expression on their faces, I assume they can’t quite figure out why I feel compelled to write paranormal stories instead of something else. You know, something that doesn’t involve fangs or strange DNA or an alternative human species.

And you’d think I’d know how to answer that by now, but I’m not completely sure that I do. It’s really not as easy to figure out how to respond to that question as you’d think it would be. I do know if you study a particular writer’s body of work, you’ll find that she will return to the same basic themes again and again in her books. Although the themes themselves are at heart complex and emotional, we can often state them in only one or two words. “Finding family” or “going home again” or “finding justice” are all examples of themes commonly explored through the telling of a story.

For me, the stories that interest me are most often centered around the concepts of honor and finding redemption. For that reason, the heroes in the westerns I wrote have an awful lot in common with my Paladins, Talions, and my vampires. Warriors all, they all have a strong sense of duty and are ready to walk straight into hell itself to protect those under their care.

I can’t tell you why my writer’s voice lends itself most strongly to stories centered around these themes. It may be because of the kinds of books I read when I was young or the movies and tv shows I watched growing up. I’ll probably never know for sure. However, I believe that my stories are stronger and my characters are more real because the themes I explore do mean a lot to me.

I guess the two part answer to the question about why I write what I do is simple after all. I write stories really speak to me both as a person and as a writer. As why the fangs and the special powers? That part is simple--because they’re fun.


Thank you Alexis for joining us on our GRAND OPENING!

She has been very generous and has decided that there will be two very lucky readers today! All you have to do is comment on this post and I will randomly pull numbers for two winners. So make sure that you put your email in your post so I can contact you to claim your prize.

The prize......oh yeah, I guess I should tell you about that huh? Well Alexis has generously donated one signed copy of each of her last two releases, Dark warrior Unleashed and Darkness Unknown. So post away and make sure to stop by Alexis' website! http://www.alexismorgan.com/

~You Gotta Read Reviews~


Tami said...

Welcome Alexis! We at You Gotta Read are so excited to have you here.


Author Lynda Coker said...

Nice blog site, Tami. And very interesting blog, Alexis. Lots of writers are surprised by the road their voice takes. Often what they think they will write, is not the genre they end up in.

Alexis Morgan said...

Thank you for having me today, Tami, and congratulations on your new site!

And Lynda, I think you're right about the road. A friend teases me because when I started out, I swore I'd never write historicals because I wouldn't do the research. You should see my research library now!

Shelli Stevens said...

Hi, Alexis! I love your Paladin series and am reading it now. Good stuff. How can you NOT write it :D

Alexis Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you're enjoying my guys. I love writing my Paladins--for some reason they seem to be so real to me--or maybe that's wishful thinking.

Jambrea said...

Congrats on the grand opening! Alexis...your books sound yummy!

M-square said...

Hi Alexis!
I have read every Paladin book except the newest one (still waiting for B&N to send my copy) which I cannot wait to receive.Imagine my surprise when I saw this blog and found out that you also write using the name Pat Pritchard - what have I been doing, living under a rock? Since I love westerns too, I should be adding "another" author to my list.
Can you recommend any specific site or sites for the older, hard to find titles? I would like to read as many as possible.
Thank you! M2

Kara said...

Loved the blog post - I always like hearing from "new to me authors!!" Can't wait to get started on your books - they sound fantastic.

I love the finding redemption themes. And your comment about warriars who will do anything to protect their loved ones - my favorite type of hero!!

Cathy said...

I love paranormal stories and really enjoyed the excerpts for these two books.


Alexis Morgan said...

Jambrea and Cathy--thank you for stopping by. If you do give my guys a try, I hope you enjoy them. In the Paladin series, you want to start with the first book, Dark Protector, although the books to stand alone.

Kara--I'm with you on the heroes who stand the line. When people ask me how I transitioned from westerns to paranormal, I point out the heroes have the same mentality and face the same issues.

M-Square--my last western came out at the end of 2005, so sites like half.com are a good place to start. They usually have most of mine listed. Also the used dealers that list with Amazon. My favorites of my westerns are A Lawman for Christmas and The Outlaw Groom. They're part of a trilogy--the first one is The Book of Love (which doesn't sound like a western, but is.)


Kimberly said...

saw the link and thought I would pop on over. A lot of authors write about the wounded/alpha hero but you excel at making them real. I love finishing a book and still feel as if the characters will walk in the room at any moment. I usually prefer paranormals because they are fun but even with Luke and Cora they were just as real. Wonderful Job. Thank you and I can't wait to get Jarvis' story in the mail.

Tami said...

A comment recieved from Tamara:

I love the honor and redemption concepts. I like reading books about heros who are trustworthy and honor bound.


Alexis Morgan said...

Tamara--I agree with you. There's just something about heroes whose sense of honor runs bone deep. I think that's why the image of the lone marshall riding into town, a knight ready to do battle, a Highland warrior, or a paranormal hero resonates so strongly with readers.

nightsmusic said...

Let me put in a recommendation here. If you haven't read Alexis's Paladins, or any of her other books, Read Them! Like Kimberly said, I can finish one of her stories and a week later, am still thinking about her characters they are so real. Paranormal or not, her heroes are to die for. And her heroines are their match in every way.

I know, I'm gushing. Can't help it, they're that good.

I'm glad, Alexis, that you write stories that speak to you. Sure makes them awesome that way! :)


ps: don't include me in the drawing please. I'm a very lucky reader and have two copies of each Paladin now :)

Alexis Morgan said...

NM, Thank you for all the nice comments--I promise if I can ever figure out the technology where you add water to one of my bookmarks and get your very own life-size Trahern or Barak or Jarvis, you'll be one of the first I let know!


Stephanie said...

Only if I can get that deal for DJ, Barak or Hunter! :)

Thanks for being our first guest! Tried to convince someone to start the series at the bookstore today

Alexis Morgan said...

Hi, Stephanie---Maybe if I can get the whole water/bookmark thing to work, I should do a big postcard with all the covers on it. Then we can each get a complete set! Oh, and then there's the Talions and now vampires. I wouldn't mind having my own Rafferty, you know! Even a couple of my western heroes would be fun to have around. My DH might get a tad upset about the crowd at our house . . . hmmm we'll have work on that. :-D

Kimberly said...

I would love a life sized bookmark but I would settle for a t-shirt with scruffy pics on it. :)

Tami said...

A post from Val:

What a way to start out a grand opening! Wonderful blog Alexis, I loved learning more about you! And for all the peeps at you gotta read, you ROCK! And not just cause I know you either! :)

Alexis Morgan said...

I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. Right now I'm tied up in knots watching the Super Bowl. I like both teams, but tend to be an underdog fan.

Enjoy your evening!

Tami said...

According to my random number generator friend:

Here are your random numbers:

19 8

Timestamp: 2009-02-02 12:17:03 UTC

So that makes Val and Kara our lucky winners. Please contact me with your contact information so we can get you your wonderful prize!



nightsmusic said...

Oooh! Congrats, ladies! :D You're gonna love em.

And I'm all for the t-shirt with the 'scruffy' pic too! ;)

lastnerve said...

whooohoooo!! Thanks guys can't wait to read it!