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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Let's meet Beate Boeker

Isn't it funny how you can talk half the night about yourself, until the eyelids of the friend in front of you drop and she stifles a yawn, and still, you're so fired up you can't stop . . . but the second someone says, "All right, now tell me all about yourself", you fall silent and can't think of anything to say. I mean, nothing, nothing at all. "I'm pretty normal," comes to mind. Scintillating, that. Throat-grabbing.

Come on, Beate. You have to think of better things to say. What would I ask myself if I met me? One question for sure . . . Why on earth do you write in English? In fact, people all over the world have asked me that. It does seem strange. After all, I'm German, have lived in Germany most of my life (with some stints abroad), and have unexciting German roots, nothing international there.

The answer is easy. We Germans have a simple approach to life. If you want to be good, make sure you study your subject (at university). If you want to change track in the middle of your life, don't. If you want to become an author, keep on dreaming. If you want to have information about how to write, how to submit to a publisher, how to polish a manuscript, see point one. Or make sure you have excellent connections in the industry.

When I had come to that point in my life, I realized (thanks to the Internet) that the Americans approach life in a different manner. They shrug, smile at you and say, "If you want it, you can do it." And then they show you how. You're a nurse, a gardener, a lawyer, a manager? Never mind. You can do it. Be prepared to work hard, be prepared for rejections, but go right ahead.

Next, I looked at the German book market and realized that most books of the kind I write (I like to call them intelligent romances) were first published in English and then translated into German. If the German market proves so difficult to crack, I thought, I'll take a roundabout way to become a published author. I'm glad to say it worked.

There's just one drawback: I'm far away from "my market", and book signings are even more difficult to arrange if you first have to find people who understand the language! That's why I'm so happy about the invitation to blog today -- it gets me in touch with the people who read my romances!

Now, another question. Hmm. Let me think. Something you don't know yet, something that hasn't been published on my website, something fun . . . suppose you ask? I'd love to answer.

Make sure to visit Beate on her website: www.happybooks.de


Francesca Prescott said...

Hi Beate, I know how difficult it to live in a non-Anglophone country; I live in Switzerland (French speaking part). I'll go and have a look at your website and see if I can leave you a message there. You can contact me on my website at www.francescaprescott.com

Looking forward to talking to you,
xx cesca

lastnerve said...

Hi Beate,

I just wanted you to know that you are one of my favorite authors. I loved Between Floors and I can't wait to read Wings to Fly. Thanks so much for blogging today and I can't wait to see the awesome books you are yet to write. You are a brilliant writer!

beate said...

Hi Lastnerve,

I've just checked back on my blog after a stressful week, and I have to say that your comment made my day! I'm so glad you liked Between Floors. If you wish, I can add your e-mail address to my newsletter, then you'll always get any fresh information right away. Just send me a note via my website. www.happybooks.de
Have a great weekend!