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Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome Caroline Dunford!


This evening I did something I’ve never done before. I’m kind of ashamed to admit this. After all I should have done it long ago. Especially considering what I do for a living.

This evening I walked past all the best seller titles and the three for two tables and went and browsed in the back of my local big bookshop. I choose two books by authors I didn’t know, because they had wonderful titles, the blurb on the back was intriguing and a cursory dip into their pages convinced me the authors did know how to string a sentence together.

Of course, it’s not the first time I’ve tried a new author, but usually it’s been recommended by a friend or some online ‘suggestions for you’ marketing tool. And the thing is that way I’ve discovered some of my favourite writers; books that have made me laugh with joy and weep in sympathy. Off the beaten track I’ve found some of my best story experiences.

What will the two books be like I chose today? I have no idea, but it will be an adventure to find out. I fully accept it’s a big chance. They may be truly terrible, but then again they may be wonderful.

But if a bookshop is a daunting place to scavenge without a guide or review, then the world of e-publishing is terrifying. There are so many new stories appearing daily on the internet. Probably most of you reading this will have your favourite publishing house. You may even be loyal to your favourite authors. But how far outside your comfort zone do you go?

Obviously, I have a vested interest in all this being an author – and also being an author of the kind of story that is less common on the web. I write mysteries with a hint of romance, a dash of magic and a Scottish overtone. But then I am a romantic who lives in Scotland, who relishes mystery and keeps an open mind on the nature of things. How do I reach my internet audience?

Well, I rely on my publisher Lyrical Press to help do this, but other than that I pop up here and there and say, “Hey guys, step outside your normal reading zone and take a punt on a new author!” Of course I’d love it if you chose me, but to be honest I think storytelling is a fundamental, important part of human nature, a skill that lets us connect on a basic human level. I’m happy if you try anything new. Authors need readers, but most of all we need people who believe in the importance of stories.

Some authors spend a lot of time hanging out in chat rooms, but with two young children and several contracts on the table, both print and e-publishing, it rarely fits into my schedule. However, anyone who ever takes the time to email me I’ll always reply to. You can email me at verdandiweaves@gmail.com.

If you’d like to read about my latest ebook, the mysterious and romantic thriller, Make Me One with Everything – which also comes with a bonus ghost story Appointment with the Past, you can find all the details and an excerpt here - http://www.lyricalpress.com/make_me_one_with_everything

But whether you pick me or another author take a chance today. You never know what you’re going to find until you try.

Caroline Dunford

1 comment:

lastnerve said...

Great blog today Caroline! I think it is very important to step out of their comfort zone. There are some genres that I have never read yet. I have been trying to broaden my horizons and have found ..... OMG, I really do like things outside of the genre that I normally read! I do intend on reading your book and thanks so much for blogging. More people need to read what you wrote.