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Thursday, February 12, 2009

When Heroes Take Control with Francesca Hawley

I want to thank You Gotta Read Reviews for inviting me today to share my writing with all of you.

I’m a reader who adores Alpha Heroes. I can’t get enough of them. Whether they’re tough, wounded, or just take charge guys, I enjoy them in all their Alpha glory. Writing them…that’s another story. Oh I love my heroes to be Alphas, but I want them to follow my plans. My story. Never happens. Ever.

In my short story Alpha v Alpha published in the anthology Paranaughty, my shapeshifter hero literally carries my heroine off. He growls. He ties her up. And you know what? She loves it.

Protect and Defend, my January release from Ellora’s Cave features another Alpha hero. Another Alpha shapeshifter hero. I loved the concept of CSI meets shapeshifters so I wrote this book. Starting out, I tried to set down some ground rules. HA! The hero, Diarmid made his own plans right from the first. There were love scenes I intended to write that didn’t happen. Other scenes I had no intention of included were ordered by the contrary hero. For example, near the end of the book Diarmid decided I needed to write a very intimate anal scene between him and the heroine. I did not plan this however Diar is an ass man. Guess who won? Yeah, he did. Fortunately for my story, I was able to use the scene to build intimacy and trust between my hero and heroine, but my intent had no meaning for my Alpha hero. It was gonna happen. Why? Diarmid said so. He is so lucky I fell in love with him too.

No, trust me. I don’t need therapy. If you ask most writers, they’ll tell you similar stories about their characters. When I hear voices, my characters are talking to me. Do not be afraid. It’s okay. Really.

Shapeshifters aren’t the only kind of stories I write. And my Wolf Males aren’t the only Alpha heroes who take over. I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (this is a historical re-creation group like the Civil War reenactors but they focus on the Middle Ages) and have been for the last twelve years. The interests I developed through participation led me to write a Medieval paranormal romance. It’s currently unpublished but we’ll see what happens with it.

The hero, Eaduin (pronounced Edwin) is an Alpha hero. He’s the Warrior archetype, with a bit of the Chief thrown in for good measure. He started life as a villain. No, really. I started a time travel romance and Eaduin was going to be my handsome sociopathic villain. I tried to write it, but he kept stealing scenes. Not only that, but he whispered seductively in my ear, “I’m not a villain. I’m just misunderstood. Give me a chance.” Now, come on. All villains say stuff like that, right? Sigh. He was right. I hate it when the heroes are right because they never let you live it down. I think I fell in love with Eaduin by chapter two…it might have been chapter one.

Does it quit happening? Nope. I’m currently in the processing of writing another shapeshifter story. This one takes place during the holidays. I was going to make it a romantic comedy. Sort of a Dharma and Greg thing, but with the heroine being Greg and the hero being Dharma. Well, I was writing along fine—I thought—but I needed some more conflict. Oh, what if my heroine had a man from her past show up. Say it with me everyone. Man from the past took over the story. His name’s Joe. Joe. I never name heroes Joe. Just like I never name them Eaduin. But there ya go, he’s Joe. When he came charging onto the scene I literally threw out 16,000 words and 37 pages because I had to start over. Nothing worked. There is good news though. Since last Tuesday (Feb. 3) I’ve written 14, 200 words and 35 pages. I’m falling in love with Joe too. So, I guess I’ll keep him.

Alpha Males…ya gotta love ‘em.

So, to introduce you to my work, leave a comment today and I’ll put your name in a hat to win an autographed copy of the Draumr Publishing anthology, Paranaughty which includes my short story Alpha v Alpha.

Visit my Web site at: http://www.francescahawley.com

Purchase Paranaughty here: http://www.draumrpublishing.com/store/cart.php?target=category&category_id=324

Purchase Protect and Defend here:


Tami said...

Thanks for blogging with us today. I am such a fan on weres, and shifters, and the alpha male. :)


Francesca Hawley said...

Great to be here Tami! Thanks for the invite!

Shelley Munro said...

Francesca - there's nothing better than an alpha man despite their bossiness during the writing process. :)

Francesca Hawley said...

Thanks for dropping by to read the blog and post a comment. Yeah, alpha's are worth the trouble cause they are oh so hot!


Allison('s)Reads said...

Hi Francesca, glad to discover you and your writing! Readers have the easiest job - we just enjoy all those yummy alphas you writers put together for us :) Thanks for your hard work!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Francesca, I'm hoping that by using the Firefox browser, I'll get to leave a comment.

I know what you mean about those alpha heroes. They always take over the story and are only halted by my heroines... I love the dynamics, the yin yang of a woman and man love/passion relationship!
And thanks for expressing that in such a wonderful dynamic way.

Kelly Jamieson said...

You don't need therapy, I'm exactly the same. I actually like it when the characters take control, because sometimes I don't have a clue what they should do! I love it when they figure it out for themselves!

Francesca Hawley said...

Savanna and Kelly, thanks for stopping by to leave comments. I appreciate you guys commiserating over the alpha hero dilemma.

Also, congratulations to SHELLEY MUNRO! You win a signed copy of my book Paranaughty. I wrote down the names of all the commenters on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. While I was stirring your slip leapt out of the bowl, determined to give it's life that you might win. It's a very selfless piece of paper!

Congrats. Shelley, you're a member of Passionate Ink aren't you? If so, PM me with your address and I'll mail the book to you.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my blog and leave a comment!

Michelle said...

Hey Francesca,

I saw your post about this on the P.I. board and wanted to drop in and say hello. I love it when my characters evolve during the story. That happens to me a lot: I start off with outlines of what I think the character is like, and his motivations, but sometimes as the plot progresses, I get a better sense of the character and I have to change up.

I'm a fan of alphas and gamma heroes, and shapeshifter stories are among my favorites.

Michelle Lauren

Elle Amery said...

Great blog, Francesca - those alpha males do have a tendency to take the bit in their mouths and run, don't they?!