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Friday, March 27, 2009

Get lost in the mind of Kristin Callender

Hi fans and fellow readers at You Gotta Read Reviews and Guest blog. I am Kristin Callender, author of The Truth Lies in the Dark. Before I share my new mystery with you let me first say thanks to you for taking the time out of your own busy lives to be here. And of course, thank you Tami and everyone at You Gotta Read for having me on a guest.

The Truth Lies in the Dark is my first book and I am so proud to be able to share it with all of you. It is a mystery about a woman who feels like a stranger in her own mind. Amanda lost her memory as a child in a plane crash that killed her parents. Her grandparents moved her across the country to start a new life, but there were secrets left behind. Secrets that could destroy the life Amanda has now. Already devastated by the deaths of her grandparents in a short span of time, she finds out that she is not who she thought and everyone in her life knew it, even her loving husband. Is Amanda willing to risk her marriage or even her life to find her true identity? Or is she already in too far to turn back? By the end she will face the most important question. Who is there to help her and who is there to make sure the truth remains...in the dark?

Writing, getting published, and now sharing this book with the world has been both challenging and rewarding. Having no knowledge of the publishing process, I had to learn everything as I went along; from what a Query was to understanding and using marketing tips. It has been a long and sometimes frustrating journey, but so worth it.

I have been asked what advice I would give to aspiring writers. I say, keep writing. Don't let self doubt and countless rejections stop you from persuing your publishing goals. Trust me, both will be there to weigh you down at times just don't let them get bigger than your dreams. And always keep a good sense of humor. Being able to find things to laugh at and laughing at yourself makes a bad day a little better :)

Thank you again for joining me on my Book Blog Tour and for taking the time to get to know me and my new book. If you are interested in more information or just want to see what blogs my tour has visited, you can go to my website.

The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender is available on Amazon and is the "featured Book of the Month' at www.bluewaterpress,com.

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