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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The perfect man with Misty Evans

I Would Die For You

Remember when Prince sang those words? Do you remember doing the hand motions with them? I was in college when that song was popular and I thought nothing would be better than to have a guy who would profess his love in such a way.

The perfect man…he would die for you, right? But let’s face it, not many of us, post high school or college, want our guys purposely putting their lives in jeopardy to prove their love.. There are little things they do, though, that can tell us how deep their feelings run.

In the stories I write, my heroes usually get the chance to lay their life down for the heroine. Yet, I prefer they prove their love under less dire circumstances and in more mundane, everyday ways. For example, in my novel, I’D RATHER BE IN PARIS, my heroine, Zara, is a highly-skilled and well-trained CIA operative. She’s also a fashionista. In the beginning, Lawson accuses her of being a pampered rich girl playing at being a spy. When they’re thrown together on a mission and things go awry, he realizes she’s his equal in many ways, and even his superior in a few. A pivotal point between Zara and Lawson comes when he helps her take off a very expensive Valentino dress before they enjoy a night together…

Zara looked down at the folds of white silk covering her legs. It would be a shame to wreck such a wonderful dress, but…
“Forget the dress. I can replace it if necessary.”
A sensual smile danced on Lawson’s mouth, and he stepped toward her. “You had to think about it.”
She took a step back. “It is a Valentino.”

The next morning, she wakes to find the Valentino hanging on a nearby wardrobe. At that moment, she realizes that Lawson *gets* her, all because he hung up her dress.

In my paranormal comedy, WITCHES ANONYMOUS, the Devil is in love with Amy, who’s doing her best to leave him behind. When she takes a fall and ends up with a lump on her head, he brings her chocolate and heals her injury with a touch of his hand. When she’s caught in a fire and left with smoke-scorched vocal chords, he soothes her throat with magical ice cream. He tells her he loves her, but shows the ultimate act of love by returning her stolen spell book to her – even though she’s leaving with her new boyfriend. His actions prove he does indeed love her more effectively than anything he could say to her.

BTW, because Luc’s character is so much fun and I feel bad about her dumping him, I’m writing a sequel. Even the Devil should have true love, right?

In real life, my hubby of almost twenty-years makes me a cappuccino every morning before he leaves for work. He buys me flannel pajamas because I’m always cold. He indulges my love for Coach bags. He makes me breakfast on Sunday mornings. Would he lay down his life for me? You bet, but I don’t need that kind of chivalrous act. The proof is in the little things.

How about you? What does your man do that shows you he would die for you?

Everyone who posts today will have the chance to win a free copy of my latest release, I’D RATHER BE IN PARIS. Anyone who signs up for my newsletter by emailing me at misty@readmistyevans.com will get their name entered twice in the drawing!

Growing up, Misty was an avid fan of Charlie’s Angels and sat by the phone waiting for Charlie to call when she wasn’t off on her own adventures. Still ready to spring into action if Charlie should need her, Misty is grateful for her hero of a husband who keeps her coffee cup filled and doesn’t care if she writes in her flannels. She’s a member of several writing organizations, teaches creative writing classes, and is currently on a blog tour promoting her latest story. For more information, visit her website at www.readmistyevans.com .


Michelle Miles said...

My guy puts the toilet seat down and indulges my love of shoes. And books. And he insists that I work on my writing career as much as possible. He does other things but I'm not allowed to tell anyone. LOL

Great post, Misty! As always. :)

Misty Evans said...

LOL, Michelle. My hubby is the same way, swearing me to secrecy about some of the cool things he does.

Thanks for stopping by!

Annie said...

My hubby cooks dinner almost every night, opens all doors for me (and any woman btw) and happily helps me look after my mom and dad. Mom has alzheimers and dad had a heart attack and has not been quite the same since.

He's just a great guy!



lastnerve said...

You know I am sitting here thinking and thinking and it's starting to hurt. I can't say that there is really any one thing that shows me that he would die for me. He is fiercly protective of his family. There are four women in the house and only one male so I think he tries to stay out of the picture as much as possible, but let one person mess with any of his girls and there could be jail time involved.

Ellen said...

Hey Misty!
Great post :) And I couldn't agree more---it's the little things that matter. My hubby makes me killer lattes and passes up sleep after rough hospital shifts so he can go with me and our son to pajama storytime at the library.

Remember that old film that was raging popular at the same time Prince was going strong called, Gotcha? Matthew Modine said to the heroine, "I'd kill or die to make love to you." At the time I thought that was wildly romantic. Now, I'm a firm believer that lattes and storytime are so much more romantic :)
Take care, Ellen

Rita said...

He helps in the kitchen because he loves to cook. He allows me to go on thrift shop searches. He calls me while he is out to see if I need anything.

flchen1 said...

Terrific post, Misty! My husband lets me sleep in while he gets up to get the kids breakfast. And, he doesn't say a word about the huge, towering stacks of books all over the house. Now that's true love ;) And congrats on I'd Rather Be in Paris!

Karen in TN said...

He fixes dinner and lunch every day (except Sundays, when I sometimes do pancakes), but goes beyond that by getting up early when I need to leave for a day trip and fixes me a thermos of coffee and helps pack a lunch (hot, even, sometimes), when I need to get up at 4am to go somewhere -- he knows that I am NOT a morning person at all. And yes, I've received those flannel jammies (hey, they are a necessity) and he lets me use him as a heating pad when I climb in late and feel like ice (while he is a radiating like a heater), never complaining, no matter how cold my feet are.

Please enter my name for the contest.

Amy S. said...

I'd rather be in Paris sounds great!

Crazy Lady said...

Ya know what? Sometimes I think the simple fact that he just COMES HOME every night is enough proof. :) But he deals with my moodiness, cares for our kids, brings me chocolate and Starbucks for no reason at all. Yeah, he's a keeper, just don't tell HIM that.

Chris J. said...

Great post and big Kudo's for all the wonderful hubby's out there!
Mine is one of them, he provides for us, he supports us in what ever we do and hey, I told him I wanted to write the stuff down that goes on in my head and he said..okay we need to get you a computer! He makes "panny-cakes" for our daughter and talks cars with my son, he's in the state competition for Auto class. He even sits through the tea parties with my daughter and her "stuffed guests". lol
Yeah, I love him warts and all!

Tamsyn said...

Great post! I certainly don't want my man to die for me. I would prefer that he lives for me! "I'd rather be in Paris" sounds like a great read. Zara and Lawson are opposites yet similar, a great combination.

Misty Evans said...

WOW!! Look at all these great guys! I'm making notes for my next book...I LOVE all these little things that our men do to show us they love us.

THANK YOU for sharing, one and all!

Pamk said...

cooks for me nightly and on weekends. Drives me to book things as he say and stays with me lol.

Nana said...

Let's see, DH often makes me crazy and sometimes I envision ways to do away with him without getting caught by CSI, but then he goes and does something sweet. Like chocolate appearing in the house as if by magic whenever I start PMSing. Or pushing me to try new things and be better, no matter how much of a big baby I am. Not to mention he indulges my many plotting sessions with him and doesn't insist we get to "plotting" the love scenes first. Yeah, I guess I'll keep him!!

Chiron said...

When my husband and I first shared a home, I asked him to please put the toilet lid down. He looked slightly offended and said, "Of course, I put the lid down. I am civilized after all." *laughs*

He opens doors and when I feel poorly, always takes such good care of me. I still remember the first time I asked him to buy tampons, and he did with nary a qualm. *grin*

But the sweetest thing I first remember is this. I'm a musician and a singer. My husband, the guitarist, learned how to play my favorite song, "Ooh, Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson just so I could sing it. Isn't love grand?

Yes, he'd die for me, but I'm so glad he lives instead.

Thanks for a Wonderful interview And two Fabulous excerpts!

Chiron O'Keefe

Edie said...

Misty, it sounds like a terrific read! My husband makes me breakfast on Fridays and Saturdays. :)

nativegirlsthoughts said...

My husband is happy go lucky so living with him for 20 plus years has been very good for my well being. He gets me up if I am down as I am a worrier. I love him to pieces for all the things he has taught our 4 sons.

clynsg said...

Sounds as if your readers have some great men in their lives. I suspect my grandsons would die for me if I needed that protection, but I would rather have them stick around and provide me with some great grandchildren. One of them is joining the Army, and dying is definitely NOT one of the things I expect him to do.

Misty Evans said...

I absolutely agree with everyone...we don't want our men to die to prove anything. We want them to live and take care of us and their children and grandchildren. That's REAL proof of love!

Excellent comments!

Cathy M said...

I agree, Misty, that it's all about the little things. Making the morning coffee, cooking amazing dinners every night, bringing me home a plant from the nursery (just because), and fixing breakfast for the kids so I can sleep in. My hubby is a real life hero, and has been a Captain in the fire service for 30 years. I feel so much pride and love for this man, and all that he has accomplished.

Tabatha B said...

I wanted to wish you the best of luck on your books. I hope they continue to be so great.

May your muse always inspire,
Tabatha B

Sandy M said...

Well, I'm not a lucky one to have a hubby right now, so I'm totally envious of the things your husband does for you, Misty! I'd love to have all of them done for me in a heartbeat!

Your book intrigues me and sounds terrific, so wanted to stop by to say hello and find out more.

blackroze37yahoo.com said...

please enter me

blackroze37yahoo.com said...

o im already a memeber of your newslletter

buddyt said...

I suppose my thoughts on my husband will sound a bit bland.

He is naturally very polite and always treats me as a lady. Open doors, holds the car door open for me and kisses me goodbye every morning on leaving and every evening on returning home.

I get flowers every Saterday when he does the grocery shopping, he remembers our anniversary and my birthday.

We argue quite often and sometimes it gets heated but he will always be the one to make peace again.

We have been together for 30years now and I can't imagine a better friend I could have.


Misty Evans said...

Every time I read one of you guys' posts, I say, "Aww" or tear up! Man, we all have some pretty awesome guys in our lives, young or old. There are a lot of love stories here.

Kimberley said...

I know that my husband would give his life for his family...but even more amazing, he chooses to LIVE for us.

Tami said...

Misty -

Ask me when the last time I washed my hair. Go ahead.....(that's my boyfriend's favorite question to have everyone ask me). The answer, August. WHAT!!!, you say? My boyfriend has washed my hair every day since we got together. He also rubs my feet, my back, and paints my toenails. He holds my hand, kisses me for no reason, and tells me he loves me constantly. I know without a doubt if it came down to it, he would die for me, but I wouldn't have it.....I need him too much!


LuAnn said...

Coach bags? I don't know if I'd say that's a "little" thing! LOL

Regina said...

I guess there are nice men out there! My husband has always put the lid down, I have seldom gotten a cold wet butt in the middle of the night! LOL And he doesn't care if I tell!

Regina said...

LOL I just read Carol's and it almost sounds like us, but not! LOL He doesn't always says he's sorry when we fight, it's sometimes my fault and I'll admit that I'm bitchy! LOL And you've gat about two years on us, too. We're pretty tit for tat.

Misty Evans said...

I LOVED all these great stories and comments. Thank you all for participating.

Everyone's name went in the hat and the winner of a free copy of I'D RATHER BE IN PARIS is Cathy M. Congratulations, Cathy!

Contact me misty@readmistyevans.com and I'll get your ecopy sent to you.

Thanks, too, to You Gotta Read for having me as a guest!!

Cathy M said...

What a treat, Misty. Thanks tons, I can't wait to read it.