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Monday, April 20, 2009

Can you meet the challenge Kissa puts you to?


This painting, okay a reprint of it, hangs in my living room. I have most of the series hanging throughout my home. I connect with the time period that these works of art represent. The thought of a knight on a white horse taking me away from it all is appealing. It’s the main reason I married my wonderful husband. (He took me away on a modern Harley though!)

Sweet romance has faded in a lot of places. Readers and writers alike should not take this lightly. We all need a little sweet romance in our lives. I write erotic romance but recently I’ve found that sweet thoughts and characters are knocking on my muse’s door. I wrote a short story for the One Touch, One Glance, A Sweet Romance Anthology, titled Sweet Tea Maggie. My second story, Celtic Destiny, is a novella that takes place in Scotland. Who wouldn’t love to go there? Another first for me- I wrote ghost characters into this story.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and challenging everyone to read and/or write a vintage romance this week. Be it mine, which will be released April 20, 2009, at www.lyricalpress.com or someone else’s. And after you read said story- tell someone you love them!



lastnerve said...

Hi there Kissa! I am in the middle of a sweet read right now. Loved your blog today! I have One Touch One Glance and about to read it next. Can't wait to read your story in it.

kissastarling said...

Oh thanks, Val! Let me know how you like Sweet Tea Maggie, she is one of my favorite characters. That entire anthology has a number of great writers and characters. Hope you find the time for Celtic Destiny soon...


Savannah Chase said...

Sweet/Vintage romance rocks...It is old style and something that has been forgotten.....I shall try to write something....

Nicole Zoltack said...

I just may have to take you up on that challenge, Kissa! And I love the cover of Celtic Destiny.

kissastarling said...

Thanks for stopping by Nicole. And yes, Renee did an excellent job. I sit and look at my cover often! (Uh, don't tell anyone that!)

Savannah, you are an awesome writer no matter what you are working on. I can't wait for your next release.