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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fairies, Nightwalkers, Lycans and Shifter Elves: The World of Ashen Twilight

Fairies, Nightwalkers, Lycans and Shifter Elves: The World of Ashen Twilight

By Rae Lori

Growing up, I was so enamored with science fiction and fantasy movies. The 80s offered a wonderful choice of imaginative movies thanks to the minds of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Brian Froud, Jim Henson and Stan Winston just to name a few. I loved the wild original tales like The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and catching up on these old favorites is not only fun but inspiring for me.

For a while, high fantasy was in vogue with worlds that mirrored our old past with quests, young heroes, wizards, magic and warriors. In the past few years, paranormals whether romance or urban fantasy started making a comeback, offering stories that take place within our own. The cool thing about paranormals is there’s no end to the possibilities of the kind of world you can create, even within our own. I dabbled in speculative fiction growing up but seeing the opportunity now to create my own vampire story, I came up with the idea for my Ashen Twilight series. Vampires are probably my favorite kinds of dark creatures and for light fantasy, I have always loved fantasy and fairies along with it.

When I set out to write my first full length paranormal, I knew I wanted to do a good old (yet new) fashioned vampire story but with grounds in the historical. The best paranormals that resonate with me are ones that are steeped in real history to make the world-building seem more real. It also sparks my research interest to go and study the real life historical details.

With this in mind, I wanted to learn more about the real life Vlad “Dracul” Tepes II for which Bram Stoker based his title character on. After some grisly details and an inspiration, I had the time period I wanted to focus on. I also had my hero and heroine in mind: a vampire hero from Scotland and a fairy with roots in West African lore. The awesome thing about using such well known paranormal creatures is that every culture has their own version of the legend. Although the Scottish legends of the Fey differ from the African fairies, there was still a central point I can work the angle. Same with vampires. Each has their own origin and thus offered a wonderful contrast along with the cultural differences that my characters share. This coupled with the differing genres I had in mind (Fairies = light fantasy & vampires = dark fantasy) along with the Aziza fairies being assistant to hunters and vampires being hunters themselves, I now had an idea for how my two characters would react.

The thing about this series is although I have a good idea for where things are going, there are still things that take me by surprise based on occurrences that have happened in earlier books. A big conflict between mortals and immortals will ensue, new creatures like mermaids and a new mysterious undead group will emerge as well.

So sit back, grab your favorite reader and a cup of joe and take a ride in discovering all the twist, turns and immortal histories within A Kiss of Ashen Twilight.

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Download the free Ashen Twilight story From the Night, the Prince Rises on the page featuring some background info on an important character in the first book.

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Sounds like an exciting series!