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Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Traditional to Erotic Romance Celia Shows us How!

Hi folks! It’s great to drop in and have my little blog chat. I’m Celia Jade, an erotic romance writer. I’ve been writing professionally for the past five years and writing all sorts of stories ever since I could hold a pen steady, lol.

At the impressionable age of fifteen, I began reading Harlequin romance books. I think my friend got me into them. Once I started, I fell in love and couldn’t stop. Over time I must have accumulated over a hundred books. Anne Mather was one of my favorite authors. That publisher was partly responsible for planting the writing seed in my brain. My mom’s genes played a role as well, gifting me with a passion for languages and literature. My first serious venture into romance writing was shaped by old traditional style, including the use of purple prose to describe sexual body parts and sex. There was much less emphasis on the sexual act than any other story elements. I had the strict rule that all my heroines were coy virgins and the heroes were rich and sexually experienced as well as alpha-male. For the record, today’s Harlequin stories use more sexually explicit language compared to their older counterparts.

Times and women have changed. So have I. Growing older, maturing (in most cases), experiencing the thrill of real romance, love and pain. I wanted more out of my own stories. The writer in me finds ground with a bolder personality now. And as I’ve shed many personal inhibitions, so has my writing style. I’m glad to be free of restricted language and sexual situations. It’s quite liberating for me personally to be able to create bold, sexually mature characters in a variety of sub genres. Mind you, it was no simple jump from traditional to erotic. Old habits die hard and a few of those were stubbornly put to death, lol. I had no other choice once I decided to recreate myself as a writer and venture into erotic romance. For me, writing in this genre is fun. How could you not have fun writing sexy love scenes (and perhaps describe your own fantasies)? I dim the lights in my office, light a few scented candles to get in the mood and off I go. There’s certainly lots of emphasis on sex. It could be frequent and it’s hot. The fans of this genre want to know what goes on in the bedroom, or the kitchen—wherever the characters are doing it. The tricky thing is to balance the story out so that everything is nicely developed. The characters. The plot. The style. The conflict and the resolution.

There’s always a romantic ending in my books. My heroines are almost always strong, intelligent and sassy, although a few are quieter, but just as passionate. My heroes are the kinds of men I consider almost, if not ideal. Strong yet gentle, wildly passionate yet tender and affectionate, and loveably roguish!

Genres I write: paranormal, contemporary, historical and fantasy.

My publishers: eXtasy books and Eternal Press

My latest book: The Drakhom Taboo II, eXtasy books

Upcoming: The Greek Bachelor, eXtasy books

I’d like to thank the girls at You gotta read Reviews for this invitation. Hugs!

Celia Jade



lastnerve said...

Hey Celia

thanks for blogging today. I loved reading how you grew into your writing and I can't wait to read The Greek Bachelor.

Estella said...

I have not read any of your books,but am looking forward to discovering them.

celiajromance said...

Thanks for you responses ladies! They mean a lot to me...last nerve, I truly hope you enjoy The Greek Bachelor

and Estella, be my guest to check out my books at both the eXtasy books and Eternal Press sites or my website.