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Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Hot Water with Lex Valentine

In the big scheme of things, writing a story doesn’t seem like it would be a hard thing to do. I mean, lookit all the people that do it! The truth of the matter is writers are all a little bit psycho. You know… they hear voices and stuff. In their heads and in their dreams. And sometimes they have waking visions! Oh, yeah. And then they have to run to their desktops, laptops, and netbooks and tap tap tap type the night away putting those visions, dreams, and voices onto virtual paper…

My name is Lex Valentine and I’m one of those certifiable whackos who writes. If you ask me about my big scheme of things, like my life… otherwise known as that thing I do when I’m not writing… I would tell you that I work at a cemetery and that I’m their resident computer geek aka network administrator. I write about vampires and dragons and werewolves and wizards when I’m not putting in a 50 hour week at the cemetery. Now you know I’m certifiable, right?

So here I am on this tres cool blog instead of on my blog Sunlight Sucks or the blog at my author website or the Flirty Author Bitches blog. Since each of the usual blogs I post at sees a different side of me, I thought I would show you my mad genius writer side. I could talk about how I got the idea for The Wise Guy or Shifting Winds or Hot Water… all of which have been reviewed on this site. I could talk about my upcoming release from Freya’s Bower, Mating, and where I got the idea for that story and its companion that hasn’t been offered a contract yet. I could talk about my new contract with Cobblestone Press for The Pixie Prince and how this is a feel good story that is so hot it includes reference to a king sized pillow that is shredded during sex… or I could tell you about little red monsters.

You see I had this dream about little red monsters one night. I wrote out the whole dream when I woke up and posted about it at Sunlight Sucks. However, the little red monsters with the razor sharp teeth refused to go away. Instead, they started talking to me and telling me who they were and why they were. It seems that they are aliens bent on taking over Earth. They aren’t even as high as your kneecaps for the most part, but they are incredibly dangerous because… most people can’t see them.

Since it’s pretty hard to fight an enemy you can’t see, I decided that someone had to see them. Mutants! Oh yeah. Mutant humans can see them. The mutants also dream about each other or rather about the human they are meant to “mate” with. Now that I’d figured out alien red monsters and mutant humans, I went back to the jist of my dream which was about a hot kiss between a woman and some serious hunk of man.

My kick ass female needed a strong name so I borrowed from my friend and fellow author Jennifer Leeland and Jen Steele the weapons maker was born. The hot man she was kissing is Miles Winstar. The story is an urban fantasy sort of a post-apocalyptic War of the Worlds meets X-Men. When I work on this WIP, I tune out everything but I leave the military channel on in the background. Having aliens and mutants invade your head make life rough. It’s a hard edged story about a woman who has no expectations of happiness or any kind of fulfilled life. Yet somehow, I have to find a HEA for these characters. Until I do, I’ll be the mad scientist type writer with little red monsters running rampant in my head.

I’ll write like a fiend in Word Wars on Yahoo IM with my other author pals, spitting out five and six thousand words a day on Saturdays and Sundays, pushing myself as my characters are given free reign. Sometimes the 5K comes easy… well, if its sex scenes it will. When the 5K comes hard and I’m only writing 200-300 words in 30 minutes, well, you can bet I’m not writing sex. My fellow authors tease me unmercifully about the fact that I write like the wind when it’s a sex scene. You’ll have to read my books to discover whether that part of my books is truly my forte. Some people seem to think it is.

So that’s pretty much how I work at this job. Writing like the wind on the weekends and dreaming of my characters the rest of the time, letting them talk to me inside my head. I’m a lot batty but then again, my blog IS Sunlight Sucks for a reason.

If you’re interested in something a bit more fun and flirty, I invite you to read Shifting Winds and its sequel Hot Water. Both of these books are set in the Darkworld and tell the stories of the Antaeus and Granville families, well known, wealthy families involved in the death care industry. Yes, I did say the death care industry. Even vampires die in the Darkworld and these stories all involve vampires and shifters, dragons for the most part but later on I’ll get to the werewolves.

Currently, I’m working on Book Three for this series. Fire Season is a M/M story and very hot. But you will want to make sure that you’ve read the story of Elysia Granville and Declan Antaeus and the sequel about Colin Granville and Eden Antaeus. Hot Water in particular will make you laugh and cry. I know the characters made me laugh and cry. Now, they are available to invade your hearts and minds. Enjoy!


lastnerve said...

Loved the blog Lex, the cover of Hot Water looks HOT! I still can't believe you work in a cemetary! lol ..... thanks for blogging!

Lex Valentine said...

Thank you for the opportunity to show everyone what a whacko I am! ;)

Savannah Chase said...

great blog as always..I look forward to reading your future books

lindseye said...

Have enjoyed everything I have read and look forward to many more visits to Darkworld, Fairy land and anywhere else you want to lead. You are like the Pied Piper taking me away.