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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's celebrate the debut book The Combat by Crystal Kauffman

Hello! I’m Crystal Kauffman, blogging to you today in celebration of my debut book, The Combat from Loose-Id. Writing about vampires wasn’t easy for me because the whole blood sucking, no daylight thing goes against my Valley Girl mentality. I'm a sun worshipper at heart, and I don't eat red meat. So it’s no surprise vampires play the role of villain in my first book.

In The Combat, Gabrielle Langston travels to San Francisco in search of her missing sister, expecting to find Linna in a fanatical Goth community of wannabe blood suckers. Instead Gabrielle discovers real vampires, sexy gargoyles, and an undead prince intent on claiming her as his bride.

My gargoyle heroes, the Guardians, are the sexy, proud heroes with dark pasts, yet they hold true to the noble code of the Guardians. When I started writing The Combat my brain hadn’t yet turned it into a trilogy. It was just a single, stand alone book with a vampire as the villain, an innocent human girl as his victim, and a shape-shifting gargoyle as the sexy hero.

But there was something about vampires that lured me... no pun intended! When I finished writing The Combat, the idea for The Clash hit me like a supernova. Vampire Fitch Galloway had sunk his fangs into my imagination! There was something about the dark and dangerous bad boy vampire that made my blood sing. Fitch is the epitome of bad-boy hero, yet there’s a streak of good hiding in him, waiting to get out.

The Clash gave way to The Collision, in which vampire-hating agent Robert Almaden with the Vampire Task Force travels to Bucharest to beg vampire princess Cvetelina Jezliakova for help in rescuing his son. All three books have action and adventure, passion and sex, heroes who save their women, and women who save the world.

To celebrate the release of my debut book and to thank the readers who buy it, I’m holding a drawing for a brand new Sony eBook reader. If you answer one of the trivia questions correctly; which you’ll only know if you’ve read my book, you’ll be entered in the drawing. You read that right; there will be more than one question. You only need to answer one question correctly to be entered in the drawing, but I plan to crazy things up a little by changing the question every couple of days.

The contest runs from April 14th through May 31st . I’ll hold my drawing and announce the winner on my website on June 1st. It’s my way of thanking all the people who take a chance on me, a brand new author.

Stop by my website http://www.crystalkauffman.com for all the rules and details on the contest, and information on my future books.

Happy Reading!



Estella said...

Your book sounds like an interesting read!

lastnerve said...

Congratulations on your debut book, it looks really good!

Crystal Kauffman said...

Thanks gals! I'm so excited. The interest has been overwhelming :) My publisher has made it a wonderful experience and I'm having the time of my life.