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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In a Dark Embrace with Mina

So... what to blog about? This is always the question that strikes me when I'm asked to guest blog anyplace because my own blog is filled with inane drivel most of the time about the minutiae of my life, random snippets of so-called wisdom (yeah, they'll be hard to spot) and rants mostly.

Well I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Mina Carter and as my husband likes to proclaim to all and sundry, I write Pr0n. I don't but if it makes Mr C happy, I'm apt to let him carry on telling people that, it makes a great ice-breaker.

What I actually write is romance and erotic romance. I can't help it, I can plot stories without it but the writing demon gets involved and *bang* before I know it, there's a love story in there too! Usually, but not always, it hijacks the main plot and takes it for a joyride too.

I'm british, english as another author has already made the description *waves to Mark Jackman* and also a stone's throw from Sherwood in but Coalville instead (which is spitting distance away from Loughborough). I dunno, must be the water around here because we seem to have a relatively high proportion of writers around here.

"Yeah, so what do you do?"
"I'm an author."
"Oh, another one. Okay back of the queue please Madam and wait your turn."

Yeah, forgot to mention I'm nuts to boot. (Although that could also be the water... that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!)

So I should do some shameless self promotion here. But, I'm cr*p at it. I seem to be lacking the whole 'LOOK AT ME' gene and have the 'Shuffle away into a cave and shove more writing out as a distraction' gene instead. So... I'll tell you about the book which started this whole mad writing escapade.

It's called Dark Embrace and by weird coincidence even though it was one of the first things I wrote when I decided to be 'serious' about this whole writing thing, it's only just about to be released through Cobblestone Press.


She wanted vengeance. He didn’t want a wife. One bite changed everything…

Maria Ravensford is a woman on a mission. A mission of vengeance. Determined to avenge the death of her young sister at the hands of Rogue vampires, the petite Dhampir takes to the streets to hunt them. Unfortunately things don’t go precisely to plan and it’s only the arrival of Marak, a darkly handsome Vampire Warrior, that saves her life. Trouble is, the bite that saves her life also takes her fully into the world of the Kyn… where Marak is waiting to claim her.

More info... http://mina-carter.com/?page_id=1082

This story started life a lot earlier as just a random passage of two vampire warriors talking and sharing their woes in front of a log fire. Yeah, they're the leather clad, warrior types which are rather common in vampy stuff nowadays but I liked the characters, like [i]really[/i] liked the characters. So much so I expanded the story and made it into the story of the first character - Marak. But then, the second character, Kalen, was kinda left out... so I had to write HIS story as well which became Vixen (available from Blade Publishing at http://www.bladepublishing.org/books/vixen.html) and then Feral another secondary character got in on the action as well and got his own story (http://www.bladepublishing.org/books/feral.html).

I love to link stories to one another, as I'm writing as I did with Dark Embrace, the secondary characters can sometimes strike my imagination and as I'm writing, I'm jotting notes down for their stories as well. I think I may have an over-active imagination that way. That or I drink waaaaay too much coffee.

But anyway, that's me, the disjointed ramble I apologise for. If you can stomach more, head on over to my blog at http://mina-carter.com for more!

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