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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does she follow the rules??

Tre has been so kind to open herself to questions today and also said she will give away ebooks to 2 lucky commenters. So get your fingers working and make her think guys. You know ya wanna ask, and I can guarantee that there is not too many questions she won't answer, so without further ado - TRE!


About me...

I was born and raised in Longview Texas. I loved living on a small farm and have written several lesbian erotic stories around this.

Texas is a beautiful state!

I take pride in being 1/2 Italiano and 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Ah, another potion I like to add to some of my stories.

Being involved in erotica is the last thing I thought would happen, but it did, and it did for a reason!

Love women!

Love sex!

I have met so many wonderful people over the past few years, and I hope to meet more! Belonging to several groups can become a bit too much. It's constant chatter, but all is pretty good!

The variety is wide for me. I'm expanding this year in other areas.

You want a horror/erotica...done...
comedy/erotica...done...I will write what comes to me.


I hope to bring you pleasure and a smile!

So, I have the links below!

Sorry, just a simple gal that loves to create way outside this world...oh...

I don't follow rules!


Remittance Girl said...

You always make me smile, Ms. Tre!!!



housemouse88 said...

Hello Tre,

I love lesbian erotica. I will definitely be looking up you website. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi you two! LOL! Sorry it's taken so long for me to respond. Thanks to Tami for helping me out!

I do hope ya'll enjoy my work and my sites!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are awfully quiet. LMAO!


Rhonda said...

I'm new to this genre (f/f). But I will be checking out your website and books.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhonda! I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tresa, You know how much I adore your work. I need some new stuff to get my Tresa fix. When will you be publishing some new stuff. hugs, Kate - aka mikothebaby

Anonymous said...

Tell us about your writing 'mode'. What do you do to get into the mood?


Tami said...

Kissa, not sure if you should be asking our darling Tre what she does to get in the mood, but anyway......

I for one would love a little "sample" of your writing darling.....gimme!


Anonymous said...

I'm back! Sorry, we had a t'storm here that seemed to stall my computer.

I will comment very shortly!


Anonymous said...


My latests has been with the Swing! anthology. I have several material coming up in the next few months.

I will have 2 short stories being released with logical-lust!

I also will have a mystery/erotica novella, along with three other novels that will be released this year

A bit for all when it comes to subjects!


Randall Lang said...

I know that you are under pressure at the moment, but this too will pass. And then you will still be a lovely and talented woman for the rest of your life.


Randall Lang (a rose)

Anonymous said...


What do I do to get in the mood?

Talk to fine women like yourself! ;)

I love talking to people about life and everything that goes on.

I learn from my own experiences and others.

What gets me in the mood? ;)



Anonymous said...


Absolutely a sweet and most needed post!

I appreciate!

Anonymous said...

I will be posting shortly samples of my work.

Some will be flashers, others from stories.

I hope you will enjoy!


Tami said...

Mmmmm, I love it when you flash me. :)

Bring it. :) I just love reading them. Ooooo....post the one with the little old ladies on the porch. PLEASE?


Raonaid Luckwell said...

I've never read a lesbian erotica.. yet. But then I'm an open minded person. There is always a first.

You have Cherokee? Awesome, so doesn't my husband and our sons. Italian, his step daddy's that!

Anonymous said...


Are you talking about my Ethel and Vivian? LMAO!

I will do my best to!


Anonymous said...


I hope you don't mind me shortening your name, but wanting to get samples out. :)

I love the combo!

I have learned so much being brought up with the different sides.

'Aiyana's Affair With Mother Nature' will be released at logical-lust in the future.

It's a very touching lesbian erotica with a spiritual touch from my Indian side.


Tami said...

Yep, that's the one! If you put it up I will rub you from head to toe and dress like Xena! :)


Anonymous said...

The first sample I'm going to send out is a couple of older women...I'm talking in their 70's that have been lovers for years!

Picture, On Golden Pond, but lesbians!

We all love!

Again, I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm taking Tami up on that one!



Anonymous said...

Ethel and Vivian Do Moonshine

Ethel and Vivian sat on their front porch drinking moonshine. Ethel lit a cigarette.

"You see them two women by the ice cream parlor?"

"Yea," replied Vivian.

"They been screwin' around ever since that bitch got married."

"No shit?"

"I shit you not," replied Ethel.

Vivian looked over at her lover.

"Hun, I wouldn't smoke a cig with that moonshine so close to you."

Ethel laughed. "Hell, been doing it for years. Nothing gonna happen. Vivian, see that bitch by the gas station? She suppose to have the hottest pussy in town."

Both women stared.

"Ya know Vivian…"

A loud bang and puff of smoke appeared, stopping all in town.

Vivian looked over to Ethel and found her face powdered with black dust and hair sticking to the ends. She took a sip of moonshine, rocked back in her chair and simply said.

"Guess you got the hottest pussy in town now."

Anonymous said...

Coming next!

More serious writing!

TreSart :)

Anonymous said...

The Cure and Special Blanket


Michelle came, her juices covering my hand. I sat up between her legs, placing my fingers into my mouth. She watched me lick her come, her damp hair clinging to the sides of her face.
I saved one finger for her to taste and placed it in her mouth. She sucked while her hand traveled down to my pussy.
"My baby is very wet."
I grinned. "I'm always wet around you."
She played with my lips, and then slid her fingers inside me. "Ginger, suck on my tits while I fuck you."
I began to suck, while slowly riding her fingers. She rubbed my swollen clit with her thumb, back and forth.
My pussy tightened around her fingers, my orgasmic rush building. I humped her fingers harder, fucking each one inside.
I came extremely hard, collapsing on her.
Gently, she stroked my back while I attempted to catch my breath. I listened to her heartbeat, mine racing rapidly.
The fire continued to roar.
* * * *
"Ginger, are you ready?"
I sighed. "Michelle do we really have to take a walk? I'm finally warmed up."
She picked up the blanket and a basket.
"What's in the basket?"
Her smile lit the room. "A picnic."
My eyes widened. "Are you crazy? It's freezing outside and now not only are we taking a walk, but having a picnic?"
"Trust me, lover. Now, get bundled up!"
I could feel a little anger building up. Why did I agree to do such idiotic things? There was nothing sexy about freezing my ass off in the dead of winter!
The moment we walked outside goose bumps cascaded across my body. I followed Michelle through the snow. We traveled in silence. The only sounds were the tree branches shifting from the weight of snow, and our crunching footsteps.
After a twenty-minute walk, Michelle stopped underneath a large oak tree. "This is the perfect spot."
I admit I didn't feel as cold as I did when we had left the house. I was actually sweating under the bundle of clothes.
She cleared off an area of snow with her foot, and then placed the blanket down along with the picnic basket.
"Michelle, this is crazy!"
She sat down on the blanket, not responding. Instead, she opened the picnic basket and removed a thermos and a couple of sandwiches. I dropped to my knees and watched while she poured the steaming hot cocoa.
"Here, drink this. It'll keep you warm."
My gloved hand reached out and took the cup. I blew on the top, Michelle watching me.
"I love to see you blow."
"Stop it!"
She reached out and ran her gloved hand across my rosy cheek. "Ginger, you are so beautiful. Take off your clothes."
I spit out the cocoa, almost choking. "No!"
"Come on, live a little."
Carefully, I placed the cup down, my eyes narrowing. " No thanks, I prefer to live a lot!"
She laughed, my how I loved her laugh. "Take your clothes off."
I shook my head. "Sorry, but it's not going to happen."
"Oh yeah?"
She moved over to me and began to unzip my jacket. I tried to stop her, but she managed to get it off. A slight chill ran across my sweater covered skin.
"Michelle, please stop."
"No way, baby."
Before I knew it, my sweater had been removed along with my bra. Once the cold air hit my tits, they saluted winter; they saluted my lover.
She leaned in. I could feel the warmth from her breath. Quickly, she began to suck on my tits, going back and forth from each. Her mouth would leave one and the chill would invade the other.
"Now for this."
Michelle reached in and unbuttoned my jeans. I wanted so much to stop her, and the thought of the chill hitting my ass and pussy caused my body to tremble, my teeth chattering.
"Lift up."
I obeyed.


Tami said...

Brava! Brava! Yeah!

Whoo hoo......

damn....where did the beaver go?

**shuffles through nightstand drawer**

Anonymous said...

LOL! Still a bit of comedy, but I will send two more.

Would like for ya'll to get a feel for the variety I create in!


Anonymous said...

Fruit Salad Delight

"Jeanie, I can't believe you've never tried it before."
My face turned red. I took a sip of my coffee, nervously looking at my roommate.
"Mandy, I've had sex with five women in my life and it's always been the same. Never has one woman wanted to tie me up and have her way with me."
"Well, you really don't know what you're missing. You need to loosen up and stop being so damn uptight!"
She was right, I didn't know what I had been missing, and I was uptight. I just got nervous in bed, afraid to try anything new.
* * * *
It was five minutes before I got off from work. I thanked God it was Friday. The entire week I had thought about what Mandy had said. She had been in several lesbian relationships, each one kinkier than the other. She was so open about her body, having no problem walking around the apartment naked. I had a problem. I made sure my body was always covered up around her. It wasn't that I was ashamed of it, I actually had a decent one, but I didn't like other's to view.
"Jeanie, you have a call on line two."
"Davidson and Jenkins law firm."
"Hey girl. I know you're getting ready to leave, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"
"What Mandy?"
"Could you stop by the store and pick up a few apples?"
"What for?"
Mandy laughed.
"I'm making a fruit salad tonight, and I forgot them earlier."
"No problem."
"Great! See ya in a bit."


Anonymous said...

For the final, I will post a small seg of my soon to be release.

I appreciate all that have commented and will announce the winners tomorrow!

I wish you all with excellent creating, thank Tami for all her help and for the chance to chat with great folks!

As always,

have a damn good one!



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, but they will not allow me to send the part of my new story.

Something to do with a link.

So, if you would like a preview, just send a message to comicbuzz@aol.com.

Those that have posted for a free book, shall send the winners to my publishers and a book is yours!

Sorry, storms are crazy here!

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading m/m erotic romances and love the touching scenes where the men actually show affection for one another. Do your stories in f/f format follow similar lines, or is one of the "ladies" more mascline and one more feminine?