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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get addicted with Lynne Logan

Thank you Tami for having me here to guest blog.

I have an alter ego under the name of Lynne Logan. I never thought I would be writing and published under two names. I really debated about whether I should use a pseudo name, because it meant I would have to maintain two web sites, two of pretty much everything. Then I realized my writing styles for Carol Webb and Lynne Logan were far too different. Lynne likes writing short erotic, naughty books and Carol loves the paranormal suspense with lots of twists and turns.

As Lynne I get to have fun and play out short wonderful fantasies that I would never do in real life. Take Addiction which just came out this month. The heroine is in search of her sister who has disappeared and ends up in this dark, erotic sex club on the outskirts of Phoenix. I would never even think of entering the front doors of the club, but Holly does just that and she gets far more than she bargained for when it comes to two dark, sexy and dangerous men.

Blurb of Addiction:

Desperate to locate her sister, Holly Donovan steps through the door of one of Phoenix's infamous sex clubs. But within the club's walls, Holly finds herself enticed by the blatant desire and the raw sexuality of a masked stranger.

Carlos Hernandez is at the club to get an in-depth story for the local newspaper and has no intention of participating in any sex games, but he doesn't count on getting caught up in his own desire or the woman who spurs a myriad of sexual fantasies. Dare he let those fantasies turn into a reality, and if he does, will his career ruin it all?


“And recently…? Have you seen my sister?” Holly was afraid of what he'd say.

Mark's expression shifted, his eyes turning predatory as his gaze roamed her body. “Maybe. That all depends.”

“Depends on what?” Unease whispered across Holly's spine.

“On what you're willing to do for that information.” He smiled slowly. “Let's go in one of the rooms where we can talk in more detail.”

She stiffened. Mark obviously didn't plan to talk.

“That's enough,” Carlos ordered.

“No. It's not near enough. I want her.” Mark eased toward her, his large body crowding in on her. He inched a finger along the slope of her neck, his thumb whispering across the lobe of one ear. “Question is, how much do you want to know about your sister?”

Carlos caught her around the waist with a strong arm and pulled her away from him. “Mark, leave her alone.”

“I'm just asking her a question,” Mark said. “But if she wants to know where her sister is, well, I'm not telling until I get a little action.” He turned back to her, a dangerous smile on his lips. “Carlos can be there, if that makes you feel more comfortable. Hell, the guy seems to have appointed himself your personal watchdog. Hey, Holly, truth now. Have you ever done it with two men?”

“No.” She stepped backward, unable to keep the shock from her voice.

“What better place to try it? And after, I promise I'll tell you what I know of your sister.”

Beneath Mark's hot gaze, unbidden desire skated through her body to pool low in her belly. He edged closer…

If you want to see book video trailers by Bella Entertainment you can drop by and visit their web site.

You can purchase Addiction at:


Red Sage Publishing

Thank you!

Lynne Logan

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