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Friday, May 15, 2009

Girls, girls, and more girls…

First of all, I’m thrilled to be here guest blogging. I was quite thrilled when it was suggested that I could guest blog if I wanted and well, yes, I wanted.

My blog today is about girls. And not just any kind of girls, but girls that like girls. This is not the first time that I’ve written on a blog about this topic, and it likely won’t be the last time either. I like females, I like everything about them, and yes, I have kissed one, more than one and it likely won’t be the last time for that either.

In my previous writing about this topic, it garnered a lot of attention, a lot of comment, and maybe it will again. There isn’t a market for f/f romance/erotic romance books, there isn’t a market for f/f/m, nor one really for f/m/f. There isn’t a big market for female dominant/female submissive or female dominant/male submissive romance/erotic romance, either. In some specialized publishing houses, for instance in some strictly BDSM publishing houses there are markets for such, but not in romance houses. I still, in my stubbornness wonder why.

We as romance/erotic romance authors write about strong, independent women in commanding jobs with the responsibilities of Superwoman. We write about women that are open to exploring their sexuality, that are turned on by sometimes risky situations, multiple men, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage play, toys, phone sex, etc…but we won’t venture into the topic of females being attracted to and wanting to explore their sexuality in that way.

Why not?

What are we afraid of? Now come on, stop squirming in your seats.

I would buy a book about two women exploring one another in a romantic and sexual relationship. I would buy a book about two women and one man. Am I the only woman in all the romance reading world that would? Is it because I’m not afraid to say that I’m bi? Is it because I’m not afraid of who I am as a woman and a sexual being? Is it because there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that admission? I’m a submissive woman as well, but that doesn’t seem to spark the same gasp as admitting to liking women does.

All that being said, don’t take away my m/m, m/f, m/m/m, m/m/f, m/f/m, etc…romances!

Women will admit to liking books full of gay males, if not all verbally, then in record sales numbers at publishers and distributers alike. They will admit to liking shifter books where at least one parter is an animal…and you can’t tell me that he or she is not an animal even when they shift into human form. They may not have the body of a four-legged creature at the time, but they are still primal beings, still part animal. You’re still mating with a cougar, a tiger, a wolf, etc… But, most will not ever admit that they like women. Even if deep down, in the secret part of their beings, they absolutely adore women and their bodies.

Even gay women won’t buy f/f romance/erotic romance. I asked a lesbian friend of mine why and she joked that lesbians don’t have time to read, but when it came right down to it, she said of the lesbians she knows, none read romance involving two women because it lacks realism. They don’t want to read about two lipstick lesbians meeting for drinks and going up to a hotel room to kick off their fuck-me heels and their tight short skirts and getting it on. It’s not realistic in their world and they don’t want to read about it. I found that interesting.

We will however write about men meeting women in bars and clubs for drinks. How the woman is hotter than any other woman he’s ever seen in her fuck-me heels and legs that go on forever under that shorter than short skirt, and the man is so perfect in his so tight they’re indecent jeans and t-shirt that hugs his very perfect not created in a gym body.

We will write about men meeting men in bars and clubs and most of the time read them saying, “Damn I didn’t know you were gay because you were sending off that straight vibe but I am sure as hell glad you are because I can’t keep my hands off of you one second longer.” Or “You’re straight? Are you sure? I don’t want to get involved with a straight man but I can’t keep my hands off you one second longer.” And in the end we find out that the straight man wasn’t really straight at all, but a gay man that just needed a little push, a little coercion in the ‘right’ direction.

But lesbians don’t want to read that kind of f/f book. They don’t want to read about a straight but really gay woman. They don’t want to read about two feminine women. They don’t play at their sexuality to simply explore and experiment. They want realistic, or at least my lesbian friend and her friends would if they were to ever pick up a romance.

So, then, what would the story need in order to entice them to try? What would the story need in order to tempt them into the world of romance? Well, easy answer is, I don’t know. My friend’s answer and these are her exact words…a Harley riding, tattooed, and pierced hard-ass butch lesbian coupled with a very feminine, girly one. Uh huh. And who is going to write like that?

But how do you write it so that it appeals, so that a publisher will actually take a look at it and take a chance on it? I honestly have no idea. But, I find the challenge of it fascinating and definitely worthy of more thought.

Again, I want to thank You Gotta Read Reviews for allowing me to join them today. I hope to do so again sometime soon.



Tami said...

Well hello darlin! I'm shocked that lesbians don't want to read the f/f books. I have a hard time getting into the m/m books sometimes. But you are right, a lot of f/f books seem a little constrained and forced.

Thanks for blogging, come back soon!


lastnerve said...

Hey Lissa, thanks so much for blogging today! I read a lot of stuff I did not know!

Have a great one.