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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S.! Jamie Hill here, this is my first guest blogging visit to the You Gotta Read blog and I'd like to thank Tami and the gang for having me. I've been published since 2006, I write contemporary erotic romance with happy endings. The genres vary from heterosexual to gay and lesbian- I like to say that love is love and hot sex is hot sex, no matter who's involved!

This past year I began collaborating with fellow author Jude Mason ( http://www.my-haven2001.com/ ) on a few different series of books for both Total E-Bound and Phaze. Co-authoring has been a blast and a lot of people ask how we do it. I thought I'd talk about that today.

The first thing we agreed on, before we ever had a story idea, was that no book was worth harming our friendship. If, at any time during our writing process, one of us felt uncomfortable or unhappy about the way things were going we'd speak up. Friendship first, books second. I'm proud and pleased to say we've not encountered problem one. Our writing methods and styles are similar enough that we've meshed and are getting along fine.

We've done a couple different manners of collaboration. With Phaze, we decided on a series of four books about men who'd just been released from Corcoran State Prison in California. This series was for the Phaze Rocks line, so each of the titles would also be a song title. We chose the series title Slippery When Wet, and used four songs from the Bon Jovi album by the same name. An incident in the showers which happened in prison was co-written, and would appear in each of the four books, which were individually written. Each title stands alone. My first title, Wanted Dead or Alive, was released in March and has been a Phaze bestseller ever since. The second book, Livin' on a Prayer by Jude Mason, comes out this month. The others, Never Say Goodbye (Jamie) and I'd Die For You (Jude) will be released in June and July. We're also hoping a print version with all four titles will be ready about that same time. We really loved these hot, m/m stories and hope the readers will, too!

For Total E-Bound Jude and I collaborated in a different manner. We've done two series there, Untamed Hearts (shifters) and Kindred Spirits (ghosts). Each of these will have four books minimum, and will be released in print sets as well as ebooks. We're currently working on the fourth Untamed Hearts and the third Kindred Spirits. (Confused yet?) Check out our series pages and we'll get you all squared away!



For the TEB series, Jude and I brainstormed a rough outline, then sent the manuscripts back and forth. She wrote the opening scenes and approximately 2-3000 words, then sent it to me. We continued back and forth, and I usually wrote the ending. We edited the heck out of each manuscript and then submitted it and held our breath. We've had very positive responses so far, and our toes are crossed that our luck and our fun will continue.

I hope this has given you a little peek into the craziness that is our co-authoring technique! Thanks again to YGR for having me, and I'll come back soon as more madness strikes. In the meantime, you can always find me here:


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Jamie Hill said...

Thanks for having me at YGR, Tami! Have a great day, everyone!

Jude Mason said...

Phew, I gotta tell you, I was scared when you told me you were going to be talking about me. Joking, I think...LOL Honestly, it's been a blast writing with you. Our styles compliment each other and we're very able to disagree or suggest other things. It works well and I hope it continues to do so.

Thanks for the plug too!


Jamie Hill said...

Jude, You know I've loved it, too. That's why the ideas keep flowing, I guess.

Horses, who'd a thunk it??? LOL


Lisa Lane said...

Great blog post! I enjoyed reading it.

Jamie Hill said...

Thanks Lisa! Appreciate the support. Have a great day.

M-square said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful links Jamie! I will be on line for the next week making notes of what to read now, what's coming soon and what I have missed - my favorite kind of busywork!
What inspires you the most when you write?

Jamie Hill said...

Hey M-square,

Lots of things inspire me. Music, or a glimpse of a man walking down the street, LOL. Or the combination of both. My favorite part of going to Wal-Mart is the drive across town. I crank up the CD player and drive!


rhiancahill said...

Hey Jamie!
Great blog. Thanks for sharing. Haven't co-authored yet but it's on the desk so we'll see. I just hope it's as much fun as you and Jude have.