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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The ideal man is a fantasy!

I know this because every time I find my ideal man...or men as the case may be, they are stuck in the confines of fiction. What man has ever measured up to Mr. Darcy? Even before he became a wet-shirt wearing Colin Firth, the man was completely drool worthy. Arrogant, superior and downright pig-headed, but he stalked through the pages of Pride and Prejudice and stole not only Elizabeth Bennett’s heart but the hearts of millions of women ever since.

So what makes the ideal man? For me, he’s a little bit dark, potentially dangerous, strong but sensitive, wild but willing to put aside his wildness—never letting himself be tamed though—to devote himself to the one woman who has everything this superior alpha male needs. She has ultimate power and infinite desirability, and we all want to be her.

At least I do. And that is the starting point for my stories. When I am writing, the female character in the scene is always me. And I love that feeling. You’ll notice I don’t give a lot of details about the heroine in my books. I deliberately leave it a bit vague. If I get some ahem...fun, out of imagining myself as the recipient of all that male devotion, why shouldn’t you? And if I make it plain my heroine has perfect blonde hair, is five feet nine inches tall and fits into the most miniscule dress like it was a glove, and you, the reader, don’t fit that description, it just won’t work as well for you.

My heroes on the other hand are described in –I was going to say minute detail but none of my male characters has anything remotely minute about him so we’ll just say loving, realistic, delicious detail. I want my readers to be able to step outside the real world, where men fart and belch and leave the toilet seat up, and embrace one of my fantasy men and know exactly what they’re getting.

Take the Ghostly Ménage Trilogy. Kelsie’s three hot ghosts are described graphically and explicitly, as are the things they do to? –for?—with? –Kelsie. Who wouldn’t love three gorgeous guys who do exactly what you want them to, when you want them to, but manage to retain their alpha nature? Mundane things like bad days at work and an addiction to watching football on TV just don’t exist for them.

Let me show you. (Not the racy bits. We need to be in an adult area to do that) In Giving Up the Ghosts Kelsie and her ghosts have been cursed by a demon. She suggests if she dies she could become a ghost like them. Adam’s response is all alpha and protective “Don’t you ever say that again. Benedict, Chad and I were given our bodily form because of you. We exist for you and through you. Our only role is to serve you. You cannot die because of us. We will not allow it.” It is that final line…we will not allow it that sums it all up for me. Total protection without confinement or intimidation. Of course there are also some very, very hot sex scenes as well.

In Send Me an Angel, an angel falls to earth to experience sexual love. His initial disorientation makes him seem innocent and far from alpha, but as he gradually becomes used to his surroundings, his essential strength shines through. I wrote a scene about how a man who had never had any sexual experience of any kind would react to his first erection. I chuckled the whole way through that, but Peter is a very fast learner and the sex scenes got hot quickly. Oh who am I kidding? My sex scenes always get hot.

By now it should come as no surprise that the encounters in Lone Wolf are heated too. Lone Wolf is a tale about a werewolf searching for a mate. The story came from my fascination with that most alpha of alphas, the leader of a wolf pack. A lot of wolf characteristics suit the alpha male personality and translate to the werewolf legend well, especially the hero’s hunting instinct and his untamed sexual desire. Lots of untamed sexual desire!

There is no point denying it. I am a very bad girl. I’m fine with that. Bad girls DO have all the fun and writing these stories is more fun than I could have imagined when I decided to leave my staid everyday persona behind and take a walk on the wild side. I love my paranormal heroes—ghosts, werewolves, an angel and even the devil. My inner tart loves the sex and the romantic in me rejoices every time I get to the happy ever after, whether it’s with two, three or even four in a relationship.

Sadly (or not, if you like to read new books), I am a lot less faithful than my heroes. I finish a story and bask in a feeling of contented satiation. A week goes by, then another and a new idea creeps into my head, a new hero prowls through my dreams. The typing fingers start to twitch and there I am, involved with a new man and back into my fantasies, still trying to write the ideal man.

If you’d like to read one of my very short stories, Passion’s Wings, email me at alyshaellis.com.au and I’ll send a copy to you by return email

Find me at www.alyshaellis.com

Or www.myspace.com/alysha_ellis

Giving Up the Ghosts http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-givinguptheghostsghostlymnagebook2-16423-140.html and Amazon in print

Lone Wolf www.total-e-bound.com

For Love of a Mortal http://www.shadowfirepress.com/excerpts_2009/FLoaM_ae_excerpt.html

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