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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mixin' It Up with Fiona Vance

People are always talking about e-books. are they the new wave of
publishing? Will they ever compete with print books? Could anyone REALLY
stand using one of those. e-readers?

We'll see. But aside from the e-reader debate, there are a number of things
I think e-publishers do WAY better than print publishers. And one of them
is mixin' it up.

Not kickboxing in the parking lot, but mixing lots of different categories
under one publisher's banner, offering a variety of books, a variety of
lengths, a variety of genres, a variety of cross-genres, even.

And that's what Debra Kayne, Shirin Dubbin, and I are doing, too.

Take my upcoming June 4th release at Red Rose Publishing. It's called
Submission, and it's a Regency. But it's an erotic Regency. You're not
going to find many of those on the print shelves. Another June 4th release
is Keeper of the Way, by Shirin Dubbin. Urban Fantasy/contemporary romance.
Another June 4th baby is Betraying the Prince, by Debra Kayn. That's a
contemporary/muticultural. What do they have in common, other than their
release date? They're all emotional romances, they're all debut releases,
and they all rock!

So we're mixin' it up, and talkin' it up. Are we the least bit worried that
we write in different genres? That we might not reach each other's audience?
That we're too different? No way! I read as much contemporary as urban
fantasy as historical as anything else out there. And I bet lots of other
people do to. These three books are like the trifecta of new authors. Or
like the 3 sevens in the dollar slots. winner, winner, winner!

Bet you don't see many historical writers doing "book tours" with urban
fantasy and contemporary writers in the print world. Lucky for us, we write
for Red Rose Publishing.

The other thing e-pubs do to mix things up is to offer books of varying
lengths, from shorts to novellas to full length novels. Submission is a
14,500 word short. It'll sell for $1.99. Shirin's is a little longer,
$2.99. Debra's is a little longer still, at $3.99. Now, I don't know about
you, but I'm a lot more likely to try a new author for a buck ninety-nine.
Have you picked up a paperback lately? My hub and I love Jonathan Kellerman,
but we got a heck of a surprise at the register when we picked up his last
book. $10.99. Not a trade size, just a regular old mass market paperback.
Yikes! For less than one print paperback, you can pick up all three of our
books at Red Rose Publishing! And if you don't ordinarily read urban
fantasy, or contemporary, or erotic historical, you might find a brand new
romance addiction. or three!

Where else can you do that for under ten bucks?

Now.once the Kindle comes down to $129, watch out.

You can read more about our books at the Love Vixens.
Or at our sites, here:

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lastnerve said...

Loved the blog today! Way to "mix it up"! And you know, I can't wait for the Kindle to drop in price. We will have to battle for our place in line. Just a note ... don't ask me to save your place in line while you go to the bathroom because I will say "Awwww, anything for you honey!" then when you come back, I'll be saying "What? Who are you? I don't know you!" SECURITY!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a great one and thanks for blogging

Debra Kayn said...

Rawk'n good post, Fiona! I bought a different ereader, but 99% of my books I buy now are ebooks. The cost and variety being the number one reason for my decision. Plus I can buy instantly, and not make a trip to the store!

Red Rose Publishing is putting out great books, and I feel lucky to share a release date with you and Shirin. :-)

kissastarling said...

I read ebooks on my computer and don't really have a need for the ebook reader unless they come way down in price. I'm so glad all of you authors are debuting at Red Rose next month. Kudos to all of you!!!


Shirin Dubbin said...

Fiona, I grinned the whole way through this post. You're fabulous!

Mixin' it up is the only way to go for me. I can't imagine not reading the full range of romance, plus urban fantasy, fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction, young adult, middle grade, etc., all at the same time.

Just like the best drinks are cocktails, the best reading lists are mixed. You nailed it!

I'm thrilled to be in such great company.

Pat McDermott said...

Good points, Fiona. Keep on mixin' ladies! Congrats on your pending releases.

keithmelton said...

Excellent points about price and variety.

It seems logical that readers will be more likely to try out new authors or different genres if the “start up costs” of sampling are fair. One of my favorite things is suddenly discovering a new author voice I love.

She said...

Good post. I've been doing e-books for about 2-3 months now and I love it. I got an e-book reader with my income tax refund. It's wonderful because I'm never without a book and it's not as heavy to carry as a hardback book. I love books but I'm obsessed with my ebook reader. The added plus is that I don't have to watch the covers on the bus because no one can see it or read over my shoulder.

Savannah Chase said...

I think it is great to mix things up..it gives the reader something new and adds more to the reading experience...

The ebook industry is going up and doing very well. In these current times when people are watching what they spend it is great that ebooks are out there. They are just as hot and for a fraction of the price...Don't get me wrong, I still love my print as well.