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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some ideas with Ashlyn Chase


Often in interviews, I’m asked where I come up with my ideas? I’m sure I’m not the only author who is asked that question, but since my romantic comedies betray some pretty wackadoodle ideas I’ve had, I may get it more than some.

Heaving Bosoms. Sounds like words in a bodice ripper romance from the seventies, right? Well, with my irreverent tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I thought, wouldn’t that make a wonderful title for a romantic comedy? Oh, yes. I must remember that one. So I tucked it away in my idea file.

Now, I should let you know that my idea file is only for me. Therefore, I can put my most bizarre ideas in there without editing myself. Sometimes I go back and shake my head at something I had thought was brilliant at the time and hit the “poof” button (what I call delete,) before I make anyone else groan. Usually, I let the title or idea sit in my folder. God forbid I drop dead someday and my relatives find that folder!

But the reason I keep it is because, inevitably the day will come when I need an idea prompt and will check my folder. Of course sometimes I don’t even need to open it. Simply because I performed the act of writing up an idea, some opportunity will present itself and I’ll remember, “Ah-HA! I have something in my folder that would be perfect for that!

For instance, my dear friend and fellow writer Dalton went to her town Founder's Day Fair one fine summer day. She and her friend were simply walking along and chatting when Liana suddenly disappeared from view! She had stepped into a hole and twisted her ankle. Much to her chagrin, the EMT's kicked the local kids off the ambulance on display, and carted her off to the hospital. Thank goodness it was only a sprain.

In the retelling of this story, another writer commented something like this, “If you weren’t so top-heavy, you would have stayed upright instead of falling over and then the hunky EMTs wouldn’t have had to show up.” My funny title sprang to mind and the rest is history—or at least a contemporary romantic comedy that opened the door to my wonderful publisher. I whole-heartedly recommend keeping an ideas folder. It’s worth the risk of posthumous embarrassment. Of course, I may not have to worry since anyone who reads my books knows I think “differently.” Consider the fact that I wrote a sequel to Heaving Bosoms called Quivering Thighs. Also, Being Randy, Wonder Witch, and Demolishing Mr. Perfect. Brand new in paperback now I have love Cuffs and Vampire Vintage. For lots more, including a new contest, see my website www.ashlynchase.com

Oh, and how do I answer that question when I’m asked in interviews, “Where do your funny original ideas come from?” I blame it on Thalia, the muse of comedy. I hope you’ll check out my brand new release Djinn and Tonic at www.jasminejade.com today!

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Elle Amery said...

Loved your title, Death by Delilah, BTW! And it was a great story, too.