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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Writing keepers

For me, that’s what it’s all about.

I want people to read my stories over and over again.

When I wrote my novel The Janitor, I just let it flow, organic, full of passion and heartbreak and love. I wanted to write a character that I had no defenses against. Someone I had to let in, and cry when he cried. How could you not love Dane, an innocent with an open heart, aching to have a boyfriend?

I’m a naturally optimistic type of person, you know? Yeah, I think good things will happen, only they usually don’t—Dane Connelly, The Janitor.

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Short excerpt from chapter one of The Janitor:

“What you readin’ there? You read a lot, man. Like…like you read so much, your head probably is like this library, right? Just…boom! With all them books,” Dane noted.

“Uh, just studying.” Noel saw one thick calf sit on the chair next to him. Dane was smoking, and you weren’t supposed to, but Noel had seen him disable the fire alarms in this part of the library on campus before he cleaned. No one was ever up here in this dusty part of the tower, so he could get away with it.

“Man, I sure need some of those books. You think maybe if I lay down, they could feed them into me, like on ‘Star Trek’ or something? Some kind of insta-knowledge? Like instant coffee, you know?”

Now Noel felt Dane’s eyes on him, waiting for a reaction. “I can make really good instant coffee, you know that?”

“No.” Noel’s eyes blinked, fawn-soft, behind his glasses. Dane was so…big. Dark, sleek, olive skin. And vibrant. He had a shiner over one eye. Noel looked away, embarrassed for him, though he wasn’t sure why.

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The Janitor is about opposites who fit together, yin and yang, like the rock and flowing water in the Japanese garden featured in the story. At first glance, Dane, a rough, working class boxer, can have nothing in common with a brilliant, crippled and sexually repressed graduate student like Noel. But they connect, so that every meeting in the stifling library gets hotter and hotter until they have to touch.

I think that three things attract me when I start writing a story. First, is pain. If I know what hurts my characters, I know where they are scared or vulnerable. The next thing I enjoy—and this is very much as a reader as well—is a different kind of setting. The Janitor is set largely in the world of amateur boxing. And last, is passion. The passion of two people who ache to be together.

Writing feeling into your book, story spiced with a new and intriguing world, characters that have a grip on your emotions. This is what I read for, this is what sums up ‘you gotta read.’

To learn more about my upcoming novels and news, please visit my site:


And to purchase The Janitor, go here: http://www.loose-id.com/prod-The_Janitor-941.aspx

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