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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Tell If It's A Swell Motel

Lately, I've been doing a lot of traveling in connection with my writing. The past three months alone I've driven to Sylva, North Carolina, Louisville, Kentucky, and Destin, Florida. Overall, I'm holding up reasonably well, except for the fact that my rear end is starting to closely resemble the upholstery pattern of my car seats. I've also learned that you don't want to drink a twenty-four ounce Diet Mountain Dew in a plastic bottle just before you drive up to Atlanta. Doing that can give the term, "the Foggy Mountain Two Step," a whole new meaning.

When you travel a lot it gives you the opportunity to stay in motels. Lots of motels. And I'm learning very quickly which ones are the good ones and which ones are the ones you need to avoid like a polecat. Believe me, even in this day in time there are as many fleabag motels as there are fire ants, and if you're not careful you can easily find yourself in one. Like the one I found myself in recently where the showerhead was level with my chest. I honestly had to bend over so far to wash my hair that I felt like a human parentheses. Or the one that I stayed in a couple of months back that had a TV with maybe four viewable channels, and the remote had no batteries in it. Oddly enough, right there on the nightstand was a little sign telling you that they had batteries for sale in the lobby for only three dollars apiece. Isn't that classy?

Because of experiences like that, I'm going to do a little public service article for y'all today, and point out just what to do look for so that everyone can avoid all the fleabag and clip joint motels that are out there in travel land. Just consider the following:

1. If it costs less than thirty dollars a night for a room, avoid it like a beet casserole. Think about it - going to a movie nowadays costs maybe fifteen or twenty dollars for two people. Snacks like popcorn and cokes can easily double that cost. Altogether, a couple could very easily spend thirty dollars or so for a movie. Common sense tells me that any place that will let you stay overnight for less than it costs for two people to attend a movie has got to have something wrong with it. Maybe something major wrong with it, like a door that won't lock, or towels that smell like a bass. Just a hunch, mind you, but less than thirty, it's gotta be dirty. Find another one.

2. If a motel deliberately misspells its name, avoid it like a cash strapped relative. Y'all know the types I'm talkin' about - motels that have names like, "Thriftee Inn, "Sleepee Inn" or something else disgustingly similar. The folks running those joints want you to think they're one thing, but, when you lay down and find that Mr. Cockroach and his family are in bed with you, it's too late. Hard to sleep when you're perched up on top of a nightstand for the rest of the evening.

3. A "pay per the hour" option is offered. No need to say a whole lot more about this, but if you still go ahead and book one of these joints you'll find that the bed in the room is in real bad shape, but the furniture is in near perfect condition. Go figure.

4. If the place offers adult movies on their TVs, and you decide to watch one and it seems like the action is occurring in a room that looks a whole lot like yours, consider writing off the rest of the evening, packing up, and quickly riding on down the road. If you don't, not only might you become an accidental adult film star, but you might also discover that some of these "reality based" adult films feature haints that not only shouldn't be filmed, but probably shouldn't even be allowed outdoors in the daylight. Just my opinion, though.

And there you have it. Practical guidelines for keeping a fleabag joint out of your motel-ing future. I'd write more, but I'm doing this on a laptop computer out on the road, and this motel I'm staying in is charging me a dollar a minute for electricity, and don't even ask me about the eight dollar rolls of toilet paper.....


Anonymous said...

These are funny but so true. Loved reading this.


Laurean Brooks said...

This is so funny, Ed. Do you include a lot of humor in your books? You should. You're on the right track with your humor. People will pay to laugh. Just keep it clean like you did here.
And stay out of cheap motels! LOL

Ed Williams said...

Laurean, I do what I can re humor in my books, but they are typically a bit wilder than what I wrote here. I love writing articles and I love nice ladies like you who take the time to give me feedback on them!

Smoochies, darlin',


Anonymous said...

I stayed in a version of the Bate's Motel once when everything else was booked up. I sat upright on my own blanket on the bed all night. My husband slept blissfully- with his loaded gun beside him. A drunk hooker had a key to our room and tried to walk right in, luckily the chain was on! Everyone slept after that except me. I still to this day give my husband a hard time about that one. haha