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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's talk about SEX baby......Viva La Fling!

WARNING! Those of you who don’t enjoy reading about love on the picante

side might want to blush and demurely avert your eyes from my blog post. I’ll wait.

Those of you who are still with me, move in a little closer. We’re going to talk about SEX. Specifically, we’re going to talk about our first hot summer flings. Ok, by the chirping silence, I’m guessing you’re a bit shy, so I’ll go first.

My first hot summer fling is indelible as the checkered flag tattoo on my lower abdomen.

One summer I spent a couple of months with cousins in Daytona Beach. Ripe for the taste of love, it didn’t take long for me to discover a tall, hot apprentice racecar driver who could really navigate the curves – and I don’t just mean on the track. Wild and carefree, our love burned up the place and, I’m sure, contributed to today’s global warming problem. The feel of his arm looped around my shoulders, his lips feasting on mine, his voice whispering sweetness in my ear, the brush of his long...er, fingers against my skin made the light brighter, the sounds clearer, every sensation enhanced. I felt alive and present and electrified, like no other time in my life. It was love.

We bit big into the juicy peach of life that summer, and I won’t lie – the thought of saying goodbye had us clutching at every foolish, passionate, crazy plan we came up with to stay together when summer ended. I went home with a broken heart I thought would never heal, a tattoo, and a head and body full of memories. Even though HE was my best, he never was meant to be my last. I had a lot more life to experience, lovers to love, dreams to fulfill.

Think about your first summer fling. What do you remember? The flutters in your heart when you thought about him? The anticipation of seeing him? The shy touches or bold caresses? His laugher? The taste of his mouth? The smell of his skin? The heat in his gaze when he looked at you? Mmmm. Remember?

How many of you are still with your first fling? C’mon. Raise those hands, ladies! One? Two? Not many, I'm sure. Now, answer this: Since those flings didn’t end in happily ever after (aka commitment or marriage), do you still consider them romances? Of course you do! And so do I. Which is where I was coming from when I wrote Hot Summer Fling, my erotic quick-read available at Lyrical Press. At heart it’s the story of one woman’s gift to herself: a romance that fulfills her, body, mind, and soul.

Lily is home on summer break from college, bored to tears in her small hometown where the only distraction is soaking up rays at the country club pool, listening to her friends gossip. Just when she’s ready to haul it back to school early, she finds a distraction that makes her want to stay: Jack. Jack and Lily are drawn to each other at first glance, and it’s only later, when they’re in skinny dipping in the pool, that she realizes who he is. Back in middle school and high school, even though she was in to Jack, she let her friends decide who and who wasn’t “worthy” of her time and friendship, and Jack wasn’t on the list. Now that she calls her own shots, Lily’s eager to make up for lost time. And Jack is more than eager to help.

As flings are meant to be, Lily and Jack’s is hot, erotic, and satisfying. So, if you enjoy reading about lusty love, you might enjoy Hot Summer Fling. If you agree that flings don’t usually lead to “together forever,” you might enjoy Hot Summer Fling even more. Long live flings!

Thanks for the pleasure of letting me blog today. Toni Zuma

My goal is to write erotic contemporary romances so heavy with sexual heat that it sizzles off the page (or screen), making you cry out in pleasure. Fall into lust with Hot Summer Fling, then shoot me email and tell me how it compares to your first hot summer fling. When I'm not writing about passion, I'm indulging in it – yoga, hiking, laughing with friends over hot chile and cold beer, and watching the Sandias turn the color of juicy ripe watermelon at sunset.





Kristie Leigh Maguire said...

I don't know if it's just my computer but the only thing I see on this article is the WARNING. The rest is black. What's up with this?

Sophia Ryan said...

It looks like the font color on most of the post is set to black, so you can't see it. If you highlight the text with your cursor, the text appears and you can read it. I have no idea how to tell the owners of this blog how to fix it. Maybe one of them will see the problem and do something about it.

Glynis said...

I can read it. It is a mix of white and lilac but clear.

Mmm, I met my husband at the age of 17 but my summer before was spent with a 21yr old guy. It was fun, but I knew it was not for life. I saw him at a cousin's wedding a few years ago...boy did I make the right choice and walk away! That slim, sexy guy was a drunken slob.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who touches us leaves with us a gift that we take into the next relationship. The gift is often exactly what we need at the time. Thanks for sharing! Toni Zuma

Piper Denna said...

What an awesome post - and so timely. A tale about a Hot Summer Fling is the perfect vacation read. Helps take us back to those great flings in our own past.

Toni Zuma said...

Hey, it was a pleasure reading all your comments today!

Special thanks and BRAVISIMA go to Glynis, who shared a story of one of her flings. Glynis, I'd like to send you a copy, free, of my quick read, Hot Summer Fling...if you haven't already bought it. I'll find out how to do that and get in touch.

Thanks to Tami, who invited me to this shindig. Loved it. Wouldn't mind doing it again.

Thanks to Piper...and you know why.

Cheers! Toni Zuma