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Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Sullivan Boys Won’t Accept Secondary Roles

The Sullivan family continues to intrigue and surprise us. What started in the collective minds of K.M. Daughters as a yummy cast of secondary characters for our hero, Danny and his ER doc, Molly, in Against Doctors Orders quickly transformed into an assertive band of siblings clamoring for their own chance at finding true loves. Talk about sibling rivalry!

With athletics as the excuse, the Sullivans pound the daylights out of each other at family gatherings – the only forum where the behavior can pass as acceptable under the watchful eye of matriarch, Jean, and their soft-touch dad, John. United by their chosen careers to protect and serve in law enforcement and a fierce loyalty to and love for each other, the siblings couldn’t be more different.

As writers we relish exploring their diverse personalities and the women who are their matches. In Book 1, Danny and Molly epitomize a second chance at love, reconciling past pain and tragedy. In Book 2, Beyond The Code of Conduct, Joe and Bobby wrestle with the possibility of a second chance with each other. And wrestle is an appropriate word. Where Molly and Danny are subtle and mature in dealing with conflict, Bobbie and Joe conflict with physicality and dishes literally fly. Readers will see when Book 3 opens (release date not available yet) that Bobbie and Joe are still very assertive in conflict. Brian Sullivan nudges out the rest for a role in the spotlight and sultry Matty Connors is his karma.

Our team writing process focuses heavily on character development. We spend a great deal of time discussing our characters – their physical appearance, their history and what makes them tick. Family ties and birth order play a significant role with our heroes. Life experiences, how they interrelate with the family, and what obstacles they have and need to overcome to give their hearts to our heroines (and conversely for our heroines) are huge parts of the equation. Whether we use these life stories as back-story in each book or not, we know each character’s life story before we begin plotting the book. Therefore our characters are larger than life for us, real people of whom we’ve grown extremely fond. Amazing how determined they are to do things their way as we write their stories.

We hopes this translates into a sensory experience for our readers and produces relatable, real people characters they can see, hear and touch. Reach out and run your fingers over those abs, ladies, or sigh as strong arms encircle you. Try to out think the villains, gentlemen, and team up with the Sullivans to capture the bad guy and the girl.

Family ties are at the heart of the Sullivan Boys series and at the heart of who we are as writers. Since we’re sisters with a fierce loyalty to and love for each other, the Sullivan family springs from our shared values. And like the Sullivan Boys, we couldn’t be more different. Except that we’re delighted to share our author experience equally with no nudging our pounding the daylights out of each other.


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