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Monday, June 1, 2009

Write Something Already, Will You!!!

Flashback to 1989, a bar scene, music playing loudly while men in white uniforms carouse and ogle women. Anyone know where we are at? The music stops and then you hear it, Tom Cruise picked up the mic, "You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips..." Yes, that's Goose singing backup.. "You've lost that loving feeling--"
If my fingers, or my brain, have "lost that loving feeling" I try to think of the scene on the computer screen playing out like a movie. I imagine the colors, the scents, the feel of it all. I try to watch it play out and I rewind several times to make sure that I know the scene well before I hit play at that crucial spot where my fingers paused before.
Sometimes a picture is worth a few thousand words of imagination inspiration. I find inspiration everywhere, but pictures don't seem to get me going on the right writing track once the momentum has stalled.
Often, I turn to John Mayer. No, not in the sailor hat on that cruise ship, but to my iTunes playlist. It's funny how sometimes there is that go to song of the moment. For instance, if I am writing an action scene, my go to song is Hair of the Dog by Nazareth or If You Want Blood by ACDC--Not very romantic, but they get the job done. John Mayer's Bold as Love seems to help get any story moving again. Also, for some reason Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones really can start me up. (You know, I could probably write an entire atricle using nothing but Stones lyrics :)
Back to the subject, I am not going to call it Writer's Block because it really is Imagination Block. So the next time you are having Imagination Block consider listening to the playlist below, and happy writing!

Ava James

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lastnerve said...

Loved the playlist. It would get be writing again