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Friday, July 10, 2009

12th Release.....really? I've run out of fingers to count them all....

Huge thanks to Tami for inviting me to guest blog today! I’m excited to be here, excited to be celebrating my 12th release for Siren-Bookstrand.

I’ve been so blessed in the last twenty-eight months. I never imagined back in May of 2006 when I met and pitched to Amanda Hilton, publisher of Siren, at the RT convention that I would have twelve titles less than three years later!

Up until that RT, my writing had always taken so much time. Was this chapter any good, really? Did I even know what I was doing? Should I look for a day job?

Nothing, absolutely nothing galvanizes your creative juices quite like success. Once that first book sold, I immediately had an idea for another. And then another, and another...

I am also very blessed to have received so very many e-mails from people who like my books. Nothing feels better than having someone tell me they enjoyed something I’ve written. That is even better than chocolate!

Much has been made out of the fact that in these tough economic times, sales of romance books are up. To me, it only makes sense. What better way to spend a couple of hours than reading a story that will not only give you a little titillation, but leave you feeling uplifted, basking in the glow of a happy ending? We all need all the positive vibes we can get these days.

My latest release is called Reckless Abandon. It’s my third ménage, the second that features a loving male/male romantic relationship.

No one could be more surprised than I am by this latest turn my career has taken! I never could have imagined that I would write a ménage, let alone two with m/m scenes. But I got to know these characters as they were forming and growing in my imagination. I fell in love with them. How could I not tell their stories?

In The Lady Makes Three, my heart broke for poor Lucas, living a life with emotions he didn’t understand, feelings he couldn’t quite articulate, believing he didn’t have a right to tell Maddy how he felt about her when he had secret that secret yearning deep in his soul. And there was Maddy, so lonely she ached, but afraid to get involved with a man, afraid she’d only end up losing control of all she’d worked for, and end up being nothing more than a glorified maid. Thank goodness Chase finally decided to come back to the Circle D! You’ve got to love those Alpha males, don’t you?

Reckless Abandon has a different relationship dynamic. Jordan is another mouth-watering Alpha. He knows himself, why he needs to be in control of his life, his business, and his relationships. Marcus, his male lover, has no problem with any of that, and loves nothing more than taking care of his master. Well, there is just one more thing he would love, and that’s to have their neighbour, Chastity Sawyer, as a part of their loving family. But will the somewhat wilful Chastity hand over control to Jordan?

I love romance more than any other genre. I love writing it, I love reading it. Within the covers of a romance, you can find anything and everything. Romance is the perfect showcase for the best that humanity can aspire to be. A good romance will put a smile on your face for at the very least the rest of the day.

When I’ve finished a book, I often go back, looking for those special moments that simply filled my heart or stopped my breath. Do you do that?

Among my favorite authors are Kelley Armstrong (a good friend), A.J. Menden (one of my critique partners. I’m so proud of her!), Sharon Ashwood (another member of my writing group) Raina James (my other critique partner), Emma Wildes, Lara Santiago, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Barbara Delinsky, Kay Hooper, Catherine Coulter, Julie Garwood (I prefer her historical) Jayne Ann Krentz...I could go on and on and on. I read several books a week, and have read several books more than once.

Some words are so good, they bear repeating!




Kimber Chin said...

12 releases!
Big, big congrats Morgan!
SO awesome!

Morgan Ashbury said...

Thanks, Kimber. And thanks so much for stopping by!


sharonashwood said...

Wow! Book 1 really doesn't seem that long ago. Congratulations, Morgan, you're definitely on a roll!

- Sharon

Isabel Roman said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing galvanizes your creative juices quite like success. Once that first book sold, I immediately had an idea for another. And then another, and another...

Morgan, I completely understand and totally agree! Congrats on your success, even if it took you places you'd never dreamed of. :) Your writing sounds great, I'll have to check it out.

Morgan Ashbury said...

Thanks, Isabel. Let me know what you think!

Morgan Ashbury said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by.