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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fan Mail versus Not So Fan Mail:

What experiences have you had with fan/not fan mail?

I’ve never received any negative comments via email or blogs or anything, and I hope I never do.

I have, on the other hand, received some excellent fan mail. Not a lot, but what I’ve gotten is quality. I have a very supportive fan who lives in England and refers to herself as my number one fan.

If word of mouth is a good thing, then she’s probably my best advertiser. She started reading my books with my very first release, sent me a note that said she’d bought whole trilogy and read it over the weekend, and buys everything I have come out as soon as it’s released.

Plus, she puts my info on all her Twitter and Blogs and anything else she can do to talk me up. I only know her by Suzie, but our fans are important.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m rich and famous, and I don’t have a million people chasing after me and stalking me, but a few loyal fans are very good for our egos, and they keep us going.

We write for ourselves, but we write for them, too, right? I mean, without our readers, where would we be?

Comment back, and tell me about your experiences with fans or otherwise.


Rebecca Savage



Debra St. John said...

I, like you, have been fortunate to have never received any "anti-fan" mail. However, unlike you, I can't really say that outside of my circle of friends, I've ever really had any fans express their liking of my work. But I have my fingers crossed for someday!



I don't write so I don't have any fans at all but if I did it would be nice to have someone say how much they enjoyed my work. Sometimes an author really touch you and I think that it would be nice to let them know.


Mary Ricksen said...

Only got one piece of fan mail and it was short and sweet. "I liked your book. When is the next one coming out. Thank you."
Well she coulda hated it.

Rebecca Savage said...

Mary, if someone took the time to send fan mail at all, it was important to them; how many books have you read? how many times have you taken the time to send comment? think about it;) you really have to want another book from someone to take the time to send email:)

Clare Revell said...

I've had more anti fan mail than anything else. I actually stopped writing that type of fiction because of it.

Cate Masters said...

Hi Rebecca, I've only started out this year so have had just a few comments, but so far, so good! And it does make you feel good, and want to keep writing.
PS - will you share Suzie with us? ;) She sounds like a gem!

lastnerve said...

Hi Rebecca!
I've only read Combustion and haven't had a chance to read any others. Consequences looks outstanding. Combustion was AMAZING! As for fan mail, I write to myself all the time! lol ..... oh yeah, and it's always good fan letters!


Rebecca Savage said...

Hey, Clare, this is so cool! I finally got to put a name to your wonderful face! Clare is a great critique partner:) And she's from England, too! Love those Brits on the other side of the big pond!

Rebecca Savage said...

Cate, I'm sure there's enough love in Suzie's heart she's shareable!

Rebecca Savage said...

Dear Last Nerve:
I'm glad you've read Combustion and liked it;)
I need all the readers I can get! I'm greedy! Aren't we all!

Rebecca Savage said...

No news is good news, maybe! If they're not calling to tell you you suck,,,,then they like you...right?
We'll just keep telling ourselves that:)

Rebecca Savage said...

Loretta, it's nice to hear from a reader who doesn't write to get that perspective; I love my fans, and I hope you're one of them:)

Rebecca Savage said...

Debra, you win! Email me through me Website!:)