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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Shadowmen have been called out to help.....

“HELP!” St. Giles shouted as she ran into the center of the Shadowmen’s camp at the top of Spirit Wind Mountain near Twilight, Tennessee. In a last minute panic, she’d lost her mind.

Here she was begging for help--the author of the Shadowmen Series whose heroines faced murdering vampires and raging demons without ever resorting to a wimpy “save me” plea, which is likely why St. Giles became an author in the first place. Erin, Annette, Emerald, and Marissa would roll their eyes in disgust, because in their moment of need they weren’t some peril ridden Nell waiting for Dudley Do Right and his Horse, they took charge, kicked ass, and kept the Shadowmen on their toes. Maybe that was why the Shadowmen heroes couldn’t get enough of their mates.

And just as if St. Giles had written it in a dream, all of the Shadowmen heroes came charging from their cabins, and uh, from their respective activities considering their state of dress. Jeez, it was 1:00 PM. Didn’t these guys take a break? Apparently not. They immediately assessed there to be zero combatants in the area and then stared at her, waiting for an explanation.

Jared’s chest rippled as he tugged on a shirt, his biceps nearly ripping the seams as the sleeves stretched to accommodate his bulk. He shoved his bedroom-mussed hair back from his face and looked at her. He’d been in bed with Erin, because the sensual heat in his iridescent blue eyes rocked the Richter Scale off the charts. St. Giles was sure of that because the ground beneath her feet shook.

Aragon didn’t bother putting on a shirt over his brick torso or try and look at her with the inquiring concern Jared appeared to be mustering. Jeans’ zipper at half-mast, Aragon stood there with is arms crossed and a black brow arched to a deadly angle that clearly said “this had better be good lady.” But the look leveled in his obsidian gaze said that nothing could be better than what he’d been doing with Annette. St. Giles swallowed hard.

Navarre had managed to zip and button his jeans. It didn’t take a physics degree to see his sensual mouth was kiss swollen. Amusement glimmered in his gold eyes as he cocked that OMG mouth into a tongue-swallowing grin. He had a box of truffles in his hand. Marissa was one lucky woman.

“What the hell is up, lady? You wrote us. Surely you know that when we have some down time, we’re going to be up for other, more pleasurable challenges?” Sam asked, drawing her attention to his arctic blue gaze that appeared to be in mid melt from Emerald’s hot touch. Black hair buzzed short and hard jaw covered in scruff, Sam stood boldly in his boxers and dog tags with his Glock in hand. The myriad of tiny scars crisscrossing his whole body gave testament to only a part of the impossible obstacles this man had fought to claim Emerald as his mate.

Against all odds these men and their women were fighting to take back the world from the hellish creatures that were determined to rule. With each battle waged against the Vladarian Vampires and their demonic leader, Cinatas, these handful of warriors, gained a foothold on conquering the evil.

St. Giles licked her dry lips and spilled her dilemma at her 4 H heroes feet (4H being the St. Giles litmus test for her heroes. They had to be HARD, HOT, HEROIC, and a HELLUVA LOT).

“I’ve been challenged by YouGottaReadsGuest.blogspot.com to write a blog that will set everyone on fire to read the Shadowmen Series.”

“You interrupted my Strawberry smeared Annette for that?” Aragon asked in disbelief.

“It’s a totally life or death situation, guys,” St. Giles said. “If you don’t catch fire among readers the consequences could be dire…”

“I don’t see what the problem is,” said Jared, reaching for a peach that Erin had ripening in the sun on the porch rail. He took a bite and groaned in satisfaction. St. Giles clenched her thighs to stay upright as she smelled the peach juice and remembered when Jared first arrived on earth and began it all.

“Yep,” said Sam. “I agree. Hot Sex and Fast Action works for me.”

Navarre sauntered toward her, somehow gluing her gaze to the play of muscle over his massive chest. The temperature rose ten degrees as he stopped in front of her and gently lifted her chin to bring her gaze to his. She melted like butter in his hot hands. The thick lashes framing his golden eyes were almost criminal. “By Logos, they’re right,” he said. “Because it’s more than sex and war. It’s the healing love and the passion and the story that grows with every book.”

“But…” Heaven her help, looking at these men and feeling them as deeply as she did, she couldn’t seem to remember any of her worries, or how great the odds against her were.

“You look as if you need a truffle.” Navarre held the box open.

She needed more than that. She needed a Shadowman hero of her own. But she wasn’t going to turn down what little ecstasy she could get right now. She slipped a truffle into her mouth and shut her eyes, savoring the taste and the flooding endorphins as it melted in her on her tongue. The moan was automatic.

Embarrassed, she popped her eyes open to find all four of the men staring at her. Heat rushed from her toes to her everything. They didn’t say a word. Just gave her a knowing look, a wink, and then disappeared back into their cabins. Exiting as fast as she’d come, St. Giles made a beeline for her computer.

Sigh… My fantasy is over. For now. (LOL x-rated version in private later) I hope you enjoyed the blog. For those of you who haven’t read any of the Shadowmen Series, or haven’t picked up Kiss of Darkness and Bride of the Wolf that just came out in April and May, the fantasy could be just beginning for you. I invite you to experience and savor these sensual heroes: Jared in Touch a Dark, Aragon in Lure of the Wolf, Sam in Kiss of Darkness (see below), and Navarre in Bride of the Wolf. And then I invite you to share the fantasy and spread the word for others to Catch the Shadowmen Heat Wave this summer. Other excerpts are posted at jenniferstgiles.com and I would love to hear from you at jenniferstgiles@yahoo.com should you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about the Shadowmen Series.

Here’s a taste of Sam and Emerald from Kiss of Darkness

Something was wrong in Twilight.

Sam had the limo’s license plate imprinted in his brain, which meant he could track down the bastards without having to chase them down. Good thing. He’d probably be as lethal behind a wheel as he was with the gun at the moment.

Dozens of questions about what Emerald had just done and what had just happened screamed through his mind, but he didn’t trust himself to speak to her, yet. Not until he had a firm handle on his temper, which meant the FBI--or Myra if she was lying--would get the brunt of his rage. Nice.

“Sam,” Emerald said. “I’m sorry. I didna mean to—”

“Later, Em. I can’t think yet,” he told her, still gulping in deep breaths of air.

“Come on,” she said softly, taking his hand. She led him up the steps of the station and into the shadowed recesses of the entrance. For once she kept quiet, as if she really understood how tenuous his hold was. Even the tinkling of her bracelets grated on him.

What had happened to him?

He tugged her back before she could open the door, intending to take a moment more to gather his cool. But when he looked at her, she had that lip thing going again and all thought and reason abandoned him. Seeing her teeth sunk into her lush bottom lip that was now all moist and wet snapped something inside him. All of the desire he’d kept a tight lid on for months meshed with all of the emotion roiling in him and he lost it.

Taking hold of her shoulders, he leaned down and kissed her, sliding his tongue swiftly over her plump lip then sucking the sweetness of it into his mouth. Her heady lavender and spice scent mingled with womanly arousal filled his lungs and set his senses on fire.

Blood roared in his ears, rushing south to his swelling erection. He could smell, taste, and feel her on a level he’d never experience before in his life. It was all consuming. Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her hard against his burning need. She gasped in response and his tongue invaded deep, sweeping the softness of her mouth and tangling with her tongue.

She moaned, angling her neck back to take more of him and he stepped between her legs, riding his thigh to the V of her hot sex. Her breasts brushed his chest and he had to touch her, had to feel their ripe fullness. Taste her. Suck her. Eat her. Thrust into her until nothing but mindless pleasure ruled them both.

“Sam, please” she said, splaying her hand against his chest, breathing as heavily as he was.

That was all he needed to hear. She wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. He’d known it forever. So why in the hell hadn’t they banged it up big time, yet? He couldn’t seem to remember why and wasn’t the least bit interested in thinking right now. He backed her to the wall and shoved his hand up her soft shirt to even softer skin and cupped her lace covered breast. Her nipple hardened and he groaned deep, shoving his arousal hard against her.

Emerald pulled back then suddenly smacked her fist into his chest.

He blinked at her, trying to see through his desire hazed vision. “Em?”

“I said please stop, you gack. Not please more.” She pushed at him again and he loosened his hold, surprised to find his hand palming her breast. Reluctantly, he slid his hand from her shirt and eased back from her, finally seeing clearly enough to realize they weren’t even in private.

Considering one could practically spit from one side of the town to the other, life in Twilight was like trying to lose oneself in a fishbowl. Anybody looking from the street or the parking lot would have seen them at least kissing, if not the full details of the kiss. And anyone exiting the sheriff’s station would have gotten an eyeful. Damn where in the hell was his mind?

“I canna believe you kissed me like that. After all this fooking time you up and kiss me now?” She glared at him, chest heaving with ire.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what happened. I shouldn’t have—”

“Yes, you bloody well should have. But you should have kissed me months ago when it would have been you kissing me.”

Happy Reading and Thank you for this opportunity to share my Shadowmen with you.

Jennifer St. Giles.

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