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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There will be no tax talk here!

Hi all! Thank you Tami and You Gotta Read Books for having me today. In going over what to talk about, I read through a lot of previous posts and realized topics here run the gamut. So I asked Tami what she’d like me to talk about. She said anything. Anything except taxes. Since I couldn’t talk rationally or authoritatively about taxes on a good day, that really wasn’t a problem.

There will be no tax talk here!

There will be, however, talk about historical paranormals. Why? Because that’s what I write. Not time travel, which I enjoy but haven’t written as yet, but a complete world within a specific historic setting. Talk about a niche genre! You can’t get any more niche than an historical paranormal, they’re extremely few and far between. Sure, there’s a slew of books on vampires and werewolves and other shapeshiters, witches and elves, but if you notice the fantasy/horror genre has been popular for a long time now. By far, most of the stories are either contemporary or take place in their own world.

I personally think authors are missing the boat!

How fantastic is it where gladiators exist and prisoners are fed to lions and have a vampire walk by? Or take out Jack the Ripper because he was a rabid vampire because he was insane and brought down by his own kind? History is the ultimate playground! And vampires, witches, and druids are the perfect toys for that playground.

In Murder and Magick, from the series The Dark Desires of the Druids, I start the series in 1882 England. Yes, I took liberties and changed it to a slightly alternate history to suit my characters, but with the exception of my Witch Hunters, Victorian England pretty much stays the same. With all the rituals and rites, the pomp of the upper and middle classes and the seedy underbelly. It’s a rich, vivid world most readers didn’t have to get to know because most people already have an understanding of the time and place.

It became the perfect marriage—the historical and the paranormal.

Being a Jane Austen fan, I recently came across a book that I wasn’t lured to buy, but NEEDED to have: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith (and Jane Austen). He took a well-loved and classic and twisted it by adding zombies to the mix. Zombies! How absolutely delicious is that? A fabulous concept. Of course, for my own tastes, I would’ve preferred a few more zombies to the stories, but overall (minus two teeny plot holes) I found it very amusing.
This is the kind of creativity I love and thrive on. What about you? What do you think would make a fabulous historical paranormal? What do you like to see in such a book?

Isabel Roman is a mostly historic, oftentimes paranormal, definitely erotic romance writer with a love of movies. Her Dark Desires of the Druids series can be found at Ravenous Romance.
Murder and Magick (with the don’t necessarily have to read first prequel: The Tryst)

Sex and Subterfuge
Desert and Destiny
Temptations and Treachery


Isabel Roman said...

Thanks again, Tami, for having me!

Tami said...

Any time Isabel! You are the bomb and I want the world to know! :)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Hey Isabel, You do a fantastic job of melding the worlds together. I really got hooked on your story when we were critiquing together. I generally don't read the paranormal but found myself lost in your world. You have a great imagination and that always pushes your characters into great plot twists and turns.

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Isabel! I think it's an absolutely fabulous idea to twist genres. Who wants to read the same old story over and over again? We're fiction writers, after all, so why not play with anything our imaginations can conjure up?

I think readers will thank you for it!

Isabel Roman said...

Tami, that's very sweet, thanks so much!

Paisley and Susan, thanks for stopping by! I agree, Susan, twisting genres is a lot of fun.

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Isabel, what a wonderful blog. Since I write Western historicals, I confess I need to get out more...and up to date, and your paranormal historicals definitely sound like my cuppatea. I love twists. I've seen the Jane Austen/Zombies on the shelf and now, just might give it a whirl.

Here's to continued success with your wonderful books,


Dana Fredsti said...

Isabel, I love paranormal historical novels and have ever since discovering Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Saint-Germain vampire series.

Zombies go with ANYthing! :-)

Dana Fredsti said...

OH yeah... I guess I won't talk about my four years working for the IRS as the audit appointment clerk.

Isabel Roman said...

You zombie loving auditor! Or appointment maker for those auditors! Of course, that may be why you love zombies so much, but I could be delving into a stereotype here.

Tanya, thanks for stopping by! I hope you do give it a try, but if you don't want to buy it, I can't recommend the local library too hghly. ;) Westerns! I love westerns! But I agree, when you write in one genre, it's difficult to break out for your reading plesure.

Lisa Lane said...

I love your take on the historical romance! It makes me, who prefers contemporary paranormal, want to go out and buy your entire series. Great post!

Isabel Roman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! I admit toenjoying contemporary paranormals, but with historicals, there's such a wide open field. Plus, depending on the era, more resistance to accepting a paranormal creature. And hey, if you check out my stories, let me know! ;)

Jody said...

Been a romance reader for over 40 years and i can't get into the worlds y'all are talking about mixing Vampires and such in historical settings. But that doesn't mean I don't like historical paranormal. I am a big fan of Barbara Erskine who always has a paralellel story one set in the past that effects the future but the glue that brings them together is usally a paranormal element such a haunting by otherworld spirits, genetic memory, druids and wiccan when there is a historical basis for them to be there, be they evil or not. But at least one story line in her books is a real person from the past who is haunting or bewitching some one in the persent for good or evil reasons The best of both worlds, history and paranormal but paranormal that is steeped in a bit more reality. I would like to see more of this in traditional romance and not just in straight historicals.

Isabel Roman said...

I would like to see more of this in traditional romance and not just in straight historicals.

Jody, I can see what you mean. I think Victoria Holt used to do that same, and Mary Stewart, both of whom I've read and remember enjoying that aspect. I haven't read Barbara Erskine, but will have to check her out.

But just remember: paranormal had to start somewhere for it to make it to modern day. ;)

Anonymous said...

Isabel -
Loved your blog. Of course I've loved your writing for years, being a lucky member of the Scandalous Proofers. Your voice is unique and your stories are spellbinding! I think your books will be classics someday.
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Jeez -- I'm behind on everything and missed this. Glad to see you're keeping so busy, Isabel! I'm a fan of historical when it's done well (hey, I'm a medievalist) and love paranormal. A great combination!