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Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Does E. Cameron Stacy have a loyal readership that is bound to grow like wildfire?

From friends on MySpace:

“The characters are so convincing. After I read, Quench, I swore I knew Tammy Swift.” –Melissa.

“I love it that Ms. Stacy praises women for their minds and personalities. Romance is not one of the genres I normally read, but after reading everything from this author, I feel like the characters are real people that I could actually text or something. Not fakes like the women portrayed in a lot of romance books.” –Lyndsey

“Giving lots of love to the BBW! E. Cameron Stacy showers us with the recognition we deserve.” –Egypt Queen.

“All women should be allowed to desire and have good sex. E. Cameron Stacy gets that.” –Ashley

Read one and get hooked.

Hi, I’m E. Cameron Stacy. It is my promise to readers to write about everyday people, who fall in love, enjoy and have sex, and laugh and cry at life’s unexpected turns. And sometimes those turns come from a fantastic element.

I’m always deeply flattered when readers tell me they loved one of my characters. I developed my style of characterization (which is still budding as far as I’m concerned) when a friend of mine, who is a size 9 regular with adorable full lips, curves to match, and a shining personality, kept getting hit on by guys…and girls. I realized that the sparkling thin image of women with which the media keeps trying to brainwash us is totally a farce. For instance, back when Jennifer Love Hewitt was coming under fire from the tabloids after she filled out, I can’t begin to tell you how many guys, lots of them very good catches, thought she was even MORE sexy.

Vail Russo, in Frolicking, first of a long series, is modeled after my friend. Vail is curvy, smart, exudes magnetism, and takes care of her mother. And she gets spoiled by the pagan god of love, Angus Og. He understands Vail and loves her for who she is, not because of what she looks like.

Here’s a link to the publisher where you can purchase Frolicking:


Tammy Swift in Quench, also the first installment of at least a trilogy, likes sex. She’s kind of quirky, feels awkward around a bunch of “pretty people,” but is very caring and has a great sense of humor. Like it should be in life, she gets her just rewards. The only twist is: they come from a vampire that looks like a rock star.

Link for publisher of Quench:


In my short story soon to be released with Total E Bound Publishing, New Cougar in Town, Jessie Valencia loses a husband. After years of mourning, she realizes that life is too short to not enjoy every moment possible. And she does so wholeheartedly with a young stud named Adrian.

I welcome you to friend me on My Space. It’s the home of my blog as well. Instead of a webpage, I use MySpace because it’s very social. And it doesn’t make sense to have both a profile and a webpage…to me anyway. www.myspace.com/ecameronstacy

My Twitter name is Eclecticscribe

My thanks to You Gotta Read Reviews for this opportunity to meet people that love books.

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