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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

We've all heard that age old phrase a million times right? But how many times have you walked into a book store and picked up a book based solely on the cover? About a million times. So I figured I'd show you the covers for my releases and let you know what they say about the stories inside.

So that's the cover for my first release. I think this one definitely has the feel of a beginning to it, with the kiss and even the black and white color to it (seen quite a few older movies that start black and white and change to color) Which is good because this is the first of The Tales of The Rikashi Series.

This one is the cover for the second in the Rikashi Series. I like the darker look to this one because it gives a feeling of mystery and The Gathering introduces quite a mystery for my characters to solve.

And this baby, is my favorite for the Rikashi Series so far. This is the cover for Black Velvet, which is due out in November. If you think this guy looks hot, wait till you meet him. This cover also reflects the more...erotic nature of this book, whereas the first two were more sweet romances.

All of the above covers were made by Renee Rocco

This was made for me by DKRenders for my upcoming December Release with Red Rose. This one is a BDSM, Christmas, and based on Tarot. I think she did an excellent job incorporating all these elements into the cover.

So you see, you can actually tell a little bit about a book by its cover just remember to give the story inside a chance before you pass final judgement.

Now for really fun stuff. I have some goodies to give out to one lucky commenter. So leave me a note and maybe you'll get a prize ^.^


Sandra Sookoo said...

I like #3 best as well. He reminds me of the guy that's killed in Practical Magic :-)

Jane said...

I like #2 because of the darker feel to it. It is annoying when the cover doesn't match the description of the hero and heroine and doesn't pertain to the the story.

Antonia said...

Well, since just the two of you commented I'll send you both some goodies. If you'll send your mailing address to tiranth20@gmail.com I can get those out to you ^.^