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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drop the Green Flag and Start Those Engines - with Nancy Oberry

Looking for excitement?
Does the roar of the crowd, the smell of burnt rubber and gasoline make your heart race?

If so, you’ll want to head over to Red Rose Publishing and pick up a copy of Destination Daytona a new release from a new series called Forever Yours written by five different Red Rose Authors. Our heroes and their ladies fair will be finding love on that second go around.

Instead of a historical, I took a chance with a contemporary setting. My story will take place in Daytona Florida around the weekend events of the Daytona 500. Secondly, my couple isn’t your standard twenty some things, Janet Duplain is 43 recently widowed and our hero, Steven Brock is in his early 50’s. But oh, how they do find love.

One of my favorite scenes is when they decide to take the relationship a step further and Steven Brock goes for “protection”. Here’s a scene f rom Destination Daytona, due out from Red Rose Publishing on August 13, 2009.

“Come on,” Steve whispered. He shifted, pulled the door handle, and stepped out onto the pavement.

Janet slid from beneath the wheel, pressed the lock on her door, and gazed across the car top. Steve’s head turned toward the strip mall.

“Is everything all right?”

Steve’s face swung back, and he gave a boyish grin. “Well, to be honest, I haven’t done this in a very long time.”

Janet blushed and inspected the pavement at her feet. “Neither have I,” she admitted.

“I need to run over to the pharmacy.”


“Yeah, you know,” Steve mumbled with a shrug.

Then it dawned on her. He was going to buy condoms. “Oh!” Janet backed away from the car. Her eyes darted right then left to make sure no one overheard them.

“What room?”

“214. Just knock,” Janet murmured her voice warm and husky.


She pulled the scarf from around her shoulders and, stepping away, dragged it across the ground giving Steve one coy look over her shoulder. Somewhere in the distance, a man gave a deep, appreciative whistle. Steve couldn’t agree more. He felt like a kid, a teenager on the night of his prom. His tongue pressing against his cheek, he stuck his hands in his pockets and began walking toward the pharmacy in a nonchalant manner.

He pushed open the door, and the bell jingled. Steve moved toward the rear of the store. On a last aisle next to the family planning, information stood several racks of the products. Looking at the boxes, Steve wished he knew what to buy.

“Don’t they have plain old condoms?” he grumbled.

“Hey, Mr. Brock,” a youthful voice hailed him.

Steve glanced over his left shoulder. A friend of his son, Eli, walked toward him.

“Hey, Mr. Brock.” Pete, a tall young man in a racing jacket emblazoned with the number thirty-two, held out his hand. “I didn’t see you at the track today.”

“No,” he grasped Pete’s hand and shook, “I was actually up in the stands today, Pete.”

“I’m sure glad Eli came out of that wreck without a scratch.”

“Ah, yes,” Steve agreed.

Both men turned their attention to the products on the wall.

“So,” Pete began, nodding toward several boxes. “Do you prefer the ribbed or the studded?”

Heat crawled up Steve’s neck as Pete chuckled.

“Look, Mr. Brock, I don’t wanna get into your business, but…well, an old guy like you-”

“Old guy?”

Pete backed away, his hands raised. “Hey, you are older than me!”

“But I’m not that old,” Steve growled. Reaching out, he snatched several boxes off the rack then hesitated and pulled one more before marching to the counter to pay.

I won’t give it all away, because there are some rough pavement in this road to love. But, if you are looking for some modern day adventure, a wave of adventure, a tweak of humor and a rush of reality, turn that wheel and floor it to Red Rose Publishing at this link :

Destination Daytona
Forever Yours Anthology
Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Autumn Rose 40+
To buy link:

Let’s go racing! I’ll see you at the finish line!

Nancy O’Berry, author

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