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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Erotic romance – girl stuff.

Some of our guys don’t quite understand why we read erotic romance. (Mine had a double-hard time understanding why I wanted to write it!) But let’s face it: to a dude, the erotica found in short snips between glossy centerfolds is fine reading material.

I want a romance to go along with my love scenes. Sure, a down-and-dirty romp here and there in the book is fine, but all the physical stuff should contribute to the ongoing love story. And darn it, when I get to the end of the book, I’d better find a happily-ever-after, not just a man-style “happy ending”.

For me, an erotic romance novel should have just as engaging plot, characters, and conflict as its lower-heat level counterparts, but when my hero and heroine get down to business, I want the details. To me, this is just one more way I can get closer to the characters.

So what do you like/hate about erotic romance? More or less details? Have a specific scenario you’d love to see played out? Do certain terms put you off or get your motor runnin’? As a reader, I’m curious to know. As a writer, it might give me direction for my next story. As an acquiring editor at Lyrical Press, I’ve got a vested interest in what readers want.

Raise your voice and leave a comment.


Maya said...

I definitely to NOT like my bedroom door closed, whether reading a book or writing one! I agree, sex plays a major part in the growing relationship between H/h, so I like to see that explored in a book. What I don't like - characters jumping into bed for no reason other than to fill in the pages. If I want that, I'll buy the book with glossy pictures, LOL!


Glynis said...

I am like Maya in that I hate the pages crammed with bed hopping. I also dislike over use of the *f* word and the *c* word. Good descriptions will take your mind to the activity or place you want your reader to recognise.
I like a happy ending or an ending where the female makes a walk away decision for herself.

Piper Denna said...

LOL, Maya about the glossy pics. All the gratuitous sex gets on my nerves too. I need a romance to go along with them.

And Glynis, I have a hard time with the "c" word too.

Happy endings are a must!(well, you know, not the "massage" happy ending, but a truly happy one.)

Jasmine Black said...

Glossy pics? Maybe an erotic graphic romance novel?

I like deep emotions. For a book to be great in my opinion, I need to be made to cry. So I need a strong connection with the characters.

I like my heros to be betas. I know, a lot of woman like alphas and sometimes I do too. But I like mostly betas. They're strong, but know how to be sweet too. I think this helps in "those" scenes. I like to read about sweet love making instead of take 'em rough sex. Not that hot passion isn't good too, but I need at least one sweet "I love you" make out scene. Those tug at my heart.