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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I’m not only an author. I’m a voracious reader. I love to get together with others to discuss character, plot, setting, and share insights about books. In fact, I belong to a few different book clubs.

I’ve been a part of the same neighborhood book club for the past ten years. We meet monthly at a different member’s house each time. We have about twenty members, but on any given month about half of us attend. Our book selections vary across many genres, to suit the diverse tastes of everyone in the group. We mix it up with contemporary fiction, historical fiction, classics, memoir, and nonfiction. When we get together, we drink wine, follow a reader’s guide and discuss the book, drink wine (did I say that already?), and share a nosh for about half of the two hour meeting. The rest of the time is a casual, social, fun time. Sometimes, the hostess prepares a snack around something related to the book.

I attend a book club at my synagogue from time to time, too. This one is more serious. One member of the group is chosen to lead the discussion and present a book report to the group. Then the group discusses the book. The last meeting I attended, we discussed The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. This historical fiction traces back to the 1400s the ownership of an illuminated haggadah (the prayer book used at Passover) found in Bosnia. As part of the discussion, the leader set up an exhibit of haggadahs, including a facsimile of the actual haggadah from Sarajevo that inspired the novel.

I am even part of an on-line book club at Goodreads. The club chooses two books each month, one fiction and on nonfiction. Then members post comments and questions in a forum dedicated to the book. There is usually one thread for those still in the middle of the book, and another dedicated to comments containing “spoilers” so that those who have not finished the book can avoid those comments.

I would love to hear from readers of YGR, about your book club experiences. What have been some of your favorite book discussions? How do you choose your reads?

Lisa is available to participate in your book club’s discussion of her debut novel, Double Out and Back, available now at Red Rose Publishing. To learn more about Lisa and her writing you can visit her website at http://www.llleibow.com/ and her blog, Lisa Leibow’s Fodder for Fiction. She is also a member of the Roses of Prose, five fabulous authors out to bring you the very best in fiction.
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Anonymous said...

I don't belong to a book club that meets once a month or so, but I do have three sisters and we are all avid-readers. Each time we meet, we wind up discussing the books that we have read and what we want to read. I choose a book in one of four ways...by the author, title of book, cover page, and back cover-in that order.

Lisa L. Leibow said...

Hey, Patsy! I have three sisters, too. What a coincidence. I guess I never thought of them as my book club. However, when we get together, we definitely discuss the books we have read. It's informal. But I get some great recommendations from them.

Thanks for sharing!

...and if you like Double Out and Back, recommend it to your sisters. {grins}.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I liked your discussion on book clubs. I'm an avid reader and author, but I've never been in an organized book club! I play a lot of bridge and that's where my women friends often share what books they are reading and provide insight on why they liked them, etc. But... since my own book came out in August - Run at Destruction: A True Fatal Love Triangle, like you, I've been meeting with book clubs. Even though my book is True Crime, I've included a reading group guide. More than 20 groups, that I know of, have either read the book or are in the process. (Coincidentally - I even blogged about it yesterday at http://lmdrews.wordpress.com) Although I'm not in their book club groups, the women that I have been meeting with have eagerly included me into their "sisterhood" for discussion. I've certainly been enjoying the experience. I'm sure you will do the same!

Continued success with Double Out and Back. I purchased my e-book and am about halfway through - really enjoying the read...

Lynda Drews