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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bingo Moment

Did you think I was talking about Bingo the game? LOL No, I'm talking about the moment when something becomes crystal clear and you just have to shout "Bingo!" And it happens to be one of my favorite moments as a writer. My first favorite will always be world/story building but this is a close second. So what is a bingo moment for a writer? Well, for me, its when I've written something and only weeks later when writing something else, do I realize what the heck it meant. For example, in my first book The Quickening, the dragon Leena bonded very closely with Jo and in the second book of the series, The Gathering, something similar happens with Porthos and Gem. Yet it wasn't until planning for the third book, Black Velvet, which releases on November 2, that I actually realized what was going on. No, I won't tell you. You have to wait :p Delilah and I had a similar moment the other day which we are pursuing at the moment for a short. She mentioned it in her blog here yesterday.

Of course, you can't force the bingo moment. If you just try to bulldoze to it, its just not the same. You just have to let the muse lead until you get it. And its definitely worth it. Its a great feeling. So, all you writers out there, don't despair if you don't understand something when you start writing. Keep going and you'll get to that BINGO!

Here's the trailer for my upcoming Rikashi novel, coauthor with Delilah:

Always in battle, always alone... A prophecy that cannot be denied.

Determined to avoid a forced marriage, Amara hops a plane to find and recruit Jett, the only man her fellow shifters believe can save them.

Jett cares little for Amara's cause, and an ancient prophecy has told him he must always fight alone. But when the plucky lass shows up in his life and refuses to leave, the last thing he expects is the turbulent emotions her presences brings.

When she's not busy hating him, Amara kind of likes Jett, and Jett can't deny that he's falling for her. But when love ignites between them, can they deny their destiny?

Content warning: Sexual innuendo, explicit sexual situations, language.

And...here's the trailer for my first release with Red Rose Publishing.

Content warning: Sexual innuendo, explicit sexual situations, language, BDSM.


Nerine Dorman said...

Please, please please tell me if you've watched HIGHLANDER... The Gathering... The Quickening...

But I'm still digging that BLACK VELVET cover.

Antonia said...

LOL actually I haven't. It wasn't until I was searching myself that I found out there were Highlander things named that. There's also a movie called The Gathering that's pretty creepy