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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Desire by Marie Rochelle

Desire is when you close your eyes, think of what you want...then you can smell it, taste it, and feel it stroking your skin. It's almost better than sex...almost. Communications Specialist Nick Lavery never thought he would be the recipient of a Dear John letter. When his girlfriend ran off with another man, she left it taped to the refrigerator door. He wasn't thinking about meeting anyone new when he decided to stop for a cup of coffee to drown his sorrows. Tasha Kelly was taking a much needed break from her job as a supply store chain manager at the local coffee shop when she noticed him at the counter ordering something to drink. It was then that she started craving more than caffeine...

Question:My newest release is entitled Desire. So, what is your biggest Desire? Is there something in your life you have wanted more than anything else in the world? Did you get it? Or is it still out of your reach?


Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

I would love to live on a yacht and cruise the world, staying as I can for as long as I wish in ports I love. Right. So what do I do instead? I write so that I can afford the trips that are mini-events of that dream: a cruise this summer to the Greek isles, 10 days in Paris, 2 weeks in Florence, 2 in London, 1 in Guadalahara. Natch, my significant other comes with me--and then we come home to our home on the hill in sw Texas and pick up our Prince from camp! My dream is really to continue to do this until I die.

Tameka said...

What is this book about Marie?

Marie Rochelle said...

It's an IR book about two unlikely people falling in love with each other.