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Friday, September 18, 2009

Major Life Changes By Cooper McKenzie

As a writer, I’ve been known to write across genres from young children to young adult to women’s fiction. Those stories were all G to PG rated. What surprised me with my young adult novels is that more of my readers were in the 50+ category than the 12-15 category. I even had grandmothers recommending my work to their granddaughters.

Problem was those stories weren’t selling – new ones to publishers nor published ones to readers. The writing grew stale and I moved to the swamp of depression, bad ideas and frustration for more than a year. Not a pretty place when your emotional happiness depends on putting words on paper in creative and coherent storytelling.

In January 2009, I decided I needed a change. I decided to try my hand at writing erotic romance. In doing so, I rediscovered both my passion for storytelling and my joy for life. Having publishers like what I’m writing and my first reader and editor tell me I was “born to write smut” helps the happiness factor. Having nine stories under contract and three more under consideration doesn’t help either.

My first stand alone erotic romance, Behind Closed Doors, was released by Red Rose Publishing yesterday (9/17/09), another highlight in this year of surprises. So now comes the next adventure in writing books that sell – to promote or to not promote? And what is the best way to promote?

Behind Closed Doors:

No one who knew Alaina Rowen would label her as a wild woman. They didn’t know that under her prim and proper clothes she wore silk and lace thongs with push up half cup bras or body hugging silk corsets.

No one knew that behind closed doors Alaina was a slut who rarely wore clothes and liked to play with her collection of sex toys. That is until Gray Woolphe decided to answer her birthday wish for a man to replace her latest toy.

Will he come all wrapped up?

Cooper McKenzie

1 comment:

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Congrats on your new release! (WE are budds! I have a new one out today at EC, too!) I ADORE THE COVER of your book.
Many sales!!!