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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome Amber Leigh Williams

There are stories an author wants to tell and those he/she has to tell. For me, FOREVER AMORE, my sweet and sexy historical romance set on the danger-strewn and exotic backdrop of World War II Italy was one of the latter. My interest in this period first arose while reading The Diary of Anne Frank in 8th grade Literature. Yet it piqued soon thereafter while reading how Gerda Weisman Klein survived the Holocaust in All But My Life. The urge to tell a love story set in World War II didn’t really occur to me until after I read the subsequent book Gerda wrote with her husband, Kurt, entitled The Hours After: Letters of Love and Longing in War’s Aftermath. It was so poignant, I had to tell a love story of my own.

My focus was pinned on northern Europe in the early ‘40’s until I watched a movie made by Hallmark based on a true World War II love story that took place in the Italian Apennines called In Love and War (based off the book by hero Eric Newby called Love and War in the Apennines). I was intrigued by not only the conflicts that waged in this little-addressed corner of the world during the time period but by the romance of the landscape. It was the perfect place to fall in love—but set against the wrenching violence of a deadly war.

I set out to create a setting that would be the quintessential backdrop for a romance: a vineyard in Veneto, Italy in March 1944 owned by my heroine, Lucille Renaldi’s, wealthy family. The beauty and quiet of their serene home is only interrupted by the distant sounds of raids…until an American fighter pilot lands his crippled plane in their fields, irrevocably throwing Lieutenant Charles Tyler into Lucille’s life. Over six drafts, I expanded the seeting to include Lucille sneaking underground in Nazi-occupied Milan to be with Charles who is doing dangerous reconnaissance work there, the severe scrutiny of those around them—especially Lucille’s family who had arranged for her to marry a much older and wealthier man—and Charles braving bombing raids over Florence to find Lucille amongst the ruins.

FOREVER AMORE is one love story you won’t want to miss. Despite enormous obstacles and conflict, it has both its dark and light sides. Charles makes Lucille smile in their darkest hour and begs to question: how far would you go for love?

Join me for a chat at Talking Two Lips from 8pm to 10pm to learn more about FOREVER AMORE, other titles, and a free ebook download giveaway! Hope to see you there! And thanks again to You Gotta Read for letting me share!


Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

THIS sounds like a wonderful story--and one I must read!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Ciao, Cerise! It seems the links for FOREVER AMORE didn't post. You can find out more and read excerpts on my blog: http://amberleighwilliams.blogspot.com. I'm giving away an autographed cover at the end of the month. Learn more about that, too, at my blog. FOREVER AMORE is available in ebook and paperback now from Black Lyon Publishing: http://www.blacklyonpublishing.com!