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Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome Janis Susan May

I know we’re an international group here, but just for today – today of all days – I’m going to be unabashedly American.

September 11. It ranks right up there with December 7 and November 22, two other days of infamy that live forever in people’s memories. All are days that will always be days of mourning, for on each our lives were changed immediately and forever. Ask anyone who was old enough to remember one of those days what they were doing when they heard the terrible news, and I’ll bet they can tell you. I can, for the last two at least. I can tell you where I was, what I was doing, who I was with and even what I was wearing. They were that kind of horror, the kind that marks your psyche forever.

This is a romance blog; so why am I writing about attacks and assassination? I am because I like romance, and no, that is not an insuperable leap of logic.

Our freedom was attacked on all three of those days; the repercussions could have been horrific and crushing, but they weren’t. We are still free to read what we want, and reading is only one symptom of the balancing act we call freedom.

Personally, I like sweet romances and don’t care much for erotica. I am free to read sweet romances and avoid erotica if I so choose, and no one can take away my sweet romances or force me to read erotica. Neither can I force anyone to read sweet romances or forbid them to read erotica – young children excepted, of course. Even in a free society there must be rules and standards to protect those too young to exercise informed choices.

In a way, reading and what we choose to read are symbolic of our freedoms. Like thrillers or mysteries or sy-fy or fantasy or literary angst? You have your choice. The same is true of almost any permutation of fiction you care to name, and multiple examples of each exist in a variety of formats, just waiting for you to pick them up. You only have to choose.

Not everyone is so lucky. In far too many countries books are censored or banned. The Internet is limited. Others make the readers’ choices for them, meaning freedom of choice is limited or non-existent.

So today, especially today of all days, celebrate, exercise and enjoy your freedom – read a book! Genre, heat level, length – your choice. Heck, read two!

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