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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Publicity, popularity and phenomenon

As a writer I have written and published two e-books and for me this is something that I never thought to accomplish. To write is part of my soul. To be an author is a dream come true, but to be a popular author is an astronomical feat.

I will keep penning stories because that is what I do and if they are of good enough quality to be published and for people to be entertained while reading them, then I have accomplished a wonderful goal.

But what of publicity and popularity as an author? Do they go hand in hand? I have books out there for the world to read but if I do not create publicity and therefore popularity then I do not reach a wide variety audience.

Is it every writer’s goal to be a popular author with a huge fan base or is the act of writing and the knowledge that someone has enjoyed it enough to create contentment? I think the answer has to be both. I once read a quote by an author that basically said write as if nobody will read it. This is great for creativity but you still have to keep publicity in mind. A key factor in the writing business is to earn money, and publicity is part of that.

So how do you go about publicizing your books and yourself as a writer? In today’s technological era, the internet, social networking, forums and branding have all become very popular and worthwhile avenues to publicize. But don’t forget to publicize off line as well as writers groups, networking, word of mouth and conferences are also fantastic ways to popularize yourself.

Basically, you have to sell yourself and your work. Yes your work has to be great to be noticed, but so do you as a sales person. Popularity holds a very interesting key to advertising yourself. Contests that allow voting conjure up huge interest and are great advertising but there is also an element of a popularity contest as well. Who can get the most votes is partially dependant on who has the greatest network of people willing to take the time to vote. Yes there is a section of voters who are not rallied but popularity may win out over quality.

So how does an author become popular? Is it the body of work they produce over a lifetime of hard earned toil and tribulation? For some, yes it is. Just mention some very popular well known authors and their collection of work stands as their tribute. However there are a small minority who become popular from a few, or first book. These usually become the phenomenon and are the exception rather than the rule. But how do these first time authors become so popular as to become phenomenal? What is the publicity strategy that creates the cyclone of interest? I personally don’t know, but I would love to find out.

Recently I have started my own publicity campaign because the books that I love to write are hopefully books that others will love to read. I have ordered my business cards, fridge magnets and other paraphernalia and to be honest, I’m rather excited to begin what now feels like a business career in writing. And without a publicity campaign I can’t hope to become a popular author. At least I hope that I am a good one.

To learn more about Connie Wood please visit my website at http://www.conniewood.co.cc/

Thank you to Gotta Read Reviews and thank you for reading.
Connie Wood

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Sarah Simas said...

Hi Connie!!

Great post, lady! I'm so excited for you! The Veteran is awesome! I wish you tons of success with your campaign!