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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome Darcy Campbell

Thank you Delilah for the opportunity to be featured on your wonderfully exciting blog. I'd like to introduce myself to your readers. My name is Darcy Campbell and I'm a writer of several different genres. At present, I have a series of books focusing on Science Fiction Romance titled The Arienta Guardians with Lyrical Press Publishing.

Did you ever wonder why you didn’t fit in exactly? Consider that you were in the wrong place or the wrong time?

I always wondered what else was out there, far beyond our rational thinking. Was there a place where my talents could be put to better use? A possible alternate universe that was more exciting, more demanding, more challenging than my everyday 9-5 routine?

Suha provided just the escape and challenge I needed. Nothing is at it appears at first glance and time can be altered when necessary. Everyone that joins the Arientans is changed, some drastically and some barely at all, but there is a change.

Camille and Wayne and Cado have all found that special place and been changed in ways no one could imagine. What else lies ahead for them? Who else will come join the battle between good and evil?

The entire series is focused on the Arienta clan on planet Suha and their special guardians. The guardians have been entrusted with the responsibility to guard and protect special holy stones or jewels that contain the powers of the clan. Each book focuses on one special guardian and life on both their adoptive planet and on Suha.

Keelie, the high priestess of the Arienta clan, stood in the nursery looking at the children.
Each child had been chosen at birth to receive special powers giving them the ability to carry on the work of the clan. The council had taken precautions to keep the project secret. It was important that they have enough time to complete the process before the Cerace interrupted them.

The second of six books, The Dancer, will be released on Monday, October 5th. This book will introduce you to Wayne Howell, a gay man in a heterosexual world. Wayne has had more than his share of bad luck in his young life. His adoptive father was killed trying to shield and protect him as a young child and his stepfather abused him horribly for most of his early teen years. Wayne is just looking for the right person to create a family. Finally, he finds his love only to lose his as well.

For some reason the robber stared at the amethyst around his neck. He ran a finger gently over the surface of the stone, almost with reverence. Terrified, Wayne didn’t move, cry, or take any action, but just lay there and let that filthy hand touch his neck and fondle his necklace. Finally, Wayne began to whimper, sure something bad was about to happen. The next thing he knew, his father was wrestling with the man.

“Wayne, run and hide!” his father screamed as he tried to grab the gun.

Wayne ran and hid in the closet, tears pouring down his face as he imagined the battle outside his door. He heard a gunshot, then a few moments later his mother’s screams. When his sister finally found him, someone had thrown a blanket over his father’s face, and it was soaked with blood. That was the last time he saw his father. The funeral had a closed casket; his mother said the damage was too extensive to repair. Wayne was beside himself with guilt. Was there something he could have done to protect his father?

When the police had interviewed him, all he could remember was the gun and the tattoo.

Wayne finally discovers his true heritage and destiny and they aren't on Earth! Not only does he hold the powers of the amethyst stone, but he finds a rather unique way to create that family that he longed for. Of course, he still has a life on Earth that has a strong, unfriendly hold on him and his enemies seem to be able to find him no matter where he hides. Will he survive to have the family that he longs for?

You can find information about the Arienta Guardian series as well as my other publications on my website at http://www.freewebs.com/authordarcycampbell

The Dancer as well as the other books in the series are available at Lyrical Press at http://www.lyricalpress.com/darcycampbell

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Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

wow, do i LOVE this cover! and i love the premise of the book.
Great to read about you.