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Saturday, October 17, 2009

What would you do if there was no afterlife?

In my series, War of the Soulites, every single human being wakes up with the absolute certainty that only a cold grave awaits them. The idea of God or any other divine being has been debunked by science, after all, and it is common knowledge that there is no pearly white gate waiting at the end. Some human beings prefer to risk everything to make a difference in society. Others prefer to be hidden away, conserving their precious lifespan and never realizing their full potential...


Very few people in the world could commit genocide without a hint of remorse. Marcus Collingway just happened to be one of them.

Religion had been destroyed a lifetime ago, and he stood in one of the few churches still partially intact. Around him, the ground was littered with yellow paper, smashed benches, and broken concrete. Shards of broken glass poked through the rotten carpet, and the statue of someone forgotten lay in pieces in front of a pedestal. After NAVA had taken over, scientists had declared the concept of God as ridiculous. When a person died, they were simply gone.

In the past fifty years, the government had wiped out all the houses, stores and buildings from the ground up, then refurnished them with steel and metal. Now the entire continent is one giant complex. The homes were designated crew quarters of personnel, the stores were online government commercialism, and the office buildings... Well, the government really was just one massive office building where everything bought came from that company, including the air. NAVA was in charge of the entire population, officially responsible for global research, development, and recreation—everything. Yet they had left this church here, on a small hill overlooking the main headquarters as...what? A symbol of its dying humanity?

Marcus stood in front of the altar, observing the rosewood cross with mild curiosity, but not much else. He hadn't really given much thought to God or an afterlife. Marcus was a soldier, and his life was simple. If he died and NAVA was destroyed, then he would die happy.

He could hear footsteps behind him.

"Are you ready for this?" Nathan asked.

Marcus turned around and smirked a little. "You know I am. Let's go."


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