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Monday, November 30, 2009

Interview with Bonnie Edwards

1) What is your favorite thing about being an author?

A: I love seeing my characters come to life on the page. And dialogue! I love great dialogue that makes me laugh or cry. And working in my pjs.

2) What is your least favorite thing about being an author?

A: Working in my pjs....my closet's full of clothes I never wear and I kind of like wearing nice clothes on occasion.

3) What is the most unique thing about you?

A: I think my 'earthy irreverence'. A friend told me about it once and I liked it so much I agreed. (I can find something funny in most every situation and be irreverent about it. And earthy...I'm very earthy)

4) What made you want to write in the first place?

A: I don't know, really. I can't recall seeing it as my greatest desire as a child or anything. I do remember writing a little stanza about Santa once and loving it...my parents shushed me because they were watching TV. My first rejection—HAH! I *knew* what I'd written was funny and if they didn't see it, too bad for them! (That attitude remains to this day...if I get a rejection I just dig in harder.)

5) How much time do you spend writing each day?

A: Depends on where I am deadline-wise...I can fritter way too much time away on Spider Solitaire and Twitter. But at least two hours...usually much more. I tend to try for a page count every day when I'm writing first drafts. I'm a four draft writer, btw...and I never see the end clearly.

6) Why do you write the particular genres you do?

A: Erotic romance chose me. I tend to believe strongly that a lot can be revealed in a love scene. Where a man can seem rough or difficult in the office or building a deck, when he's amorous his tenderness can be shown. The market swung toward extended love scenes and hotter, more intensely sexual books and I was already writing those.

7) What is the one genre you would never write and why?

A: Cozy mystery....they're cool and I write warm. This has nothing to do with hot or sexy. But POV in cozy mysteries is objective and cool and that's just not me.

8) What is one genre that you would like to try but haven't?

A: Paranormal romantic suspense....I've got a great series planned...wanna buy it?

9)What keeps you motivated?

A: Some days, it's just the readers. I can't tell you how often I've been bummed about the business end of publishing (yes, I still get rejections - I think every published author does) only to find a note from a reader in my inbox that brightens my entire week! (I love to hear from readers and I always respond...unless you're selling me something - LOL)

10) What is the most unusual thing you've ever done in the name of research?

A: I'd love to say I've jumped out of an airplane, but I haven't. I doubt I've done anything unusual or out-of-the-ordinary for research. I was going to research a business once, then realized they didn't want me anywhere near the place: rumor had it to be a gang-held business interest. UM, okay....I'll just leave you to it, then.

11) What is the silliest thing you've ever done in the name of research?

A: The method wasn't silly, because I used a search engine on the internet. But the silliest thing I researched turned out to be men's underwear. Sheesh! You think women have some silly contraptions! Body slings with/without cups...thongs. . . nets and just plain goofy-looking outfits that would make me howl with laughter if my man ever wore one. (Did I mention I'm earthy? AND irreverent?) Which is exactly why I can't write BDSM stories...I'd be laughing WAY too much to get any writing done. Sex is NOT that serious, okay? It's joyful, or at least, it should be.

12) Tell us about your latest release.

A: Breathless is an anthology of three novellas. Here's the back cover blurb:

“Let go. Let go for me...” It was a house of sizzling seduction, and satisfaction guaranteed. Now the notorious bordello Perdition House bares all its secrets—and ignites your wildest fantasies…

Blue McCann longs to feel desired…needed…wanted. Now, thanks to a mysterious corset, she’s a lush-bodied beauty back in 1913. And she’s going to reward the caring, oh-so-capable hands of Dr. Colt Stephens with all the pleasure he can take…

(To Die For) Tawny James has legs—and secrets—that won’t quit. And since she likes her men big and bad, private investigator Stack Hamilton is uncovering all her luscious desires…

(Body by Gibson) And when Mariel Gibson needs artistic inspiration, she calls hard-bodied carpenter Danny Glenn to work his masterpiece—over and over again. Because you can never, ever reveal too much…

I'm excited by this anthology because it contains another story of Perdition House, my haunted bordello. Those stories began in Midnight Confessions. (Chapter 1 of that book is at the end of this anthology.)

Then I took a chance on a more suspense-y story in To Die For. Stack Hamilton *is* a hero to die for. He's such a big guy that when he played football he "stacked" his opponents.

In Body by Gibson I explored artistic acceptance and self awareness. If you've ever been rejected or made to feel mediocre in a creative endeavor, you may find an echo here that helps. I hope so. Also, what's not to love about a man in jeans and a toolbelt hammering nails? Danny Glenn has been in lust with Mariel Gibson for months! And, it was a LOT of fun to write some of my dream scenes.

So, a question to you and your readers: Which do you prefer? A single title novel (I've got 2 more coming up!) Or an anthology like BREATHLESS which gives a variety of story types?

One lucky person who comments will receive an autographed copy of



Alexis Morgan said...

Bonnie, my friend--
I'm so pleased about your new release! The cover is gorgeous and so eye-catching. Earthy and irreverent? Must be why we're such good friends!


Bonnie Edwards said...

Thanks, Alexis....you're the best!


nightsmusic said...

Whew, made it! I had no power yesterday or I'd have been here sooner. :)

I LOVE this interview! It really does show the 'earthy' part of you :lol: and I enjoyed it.

And I still think that's one of the best covers I've ever seen.

So, enquiring minds want to know...what drove you to sit down and actually write your first story? Did you read something you thought you could write better? I know that's happened to more than one person. Tell!

Bonnie Edwards said...

Thanks, NM. What drove me to sit down and write? Brain mush. Two kids, diapers...no adult conversation unless it related to kids & diapers. Seriously. I was losing what was left of my mind and I was pretty bummed about it.

I had to do *something* that stimulated my mind, so I remembered that a couple years before I'd started to write a book...longhand.

So, I typed it out from my longhand notebook...then began to think about it in between diapers and the obsession began.

Odd thing though is that people I went to school with were not at all surprised that I write. Apparently they saw something I never did.

But in my family, reading was kind of out there so writing? Totally insane...I took a long time to get over that. I was quite different from my sibs, so getting used to being a writer took some time!

Did I say writing Body by Gibson was cathartic? You betcha.

Caron said...

Bonnie, I worked 9 hrs yesterday and am about to go in now, but I had to read your interview/blog. You gotta know that that "earthiness" is one of the reasons I love reading your work. I also love the irreverant humor. It's a blast when I'm reading along and absorbing serious story line stuff and something happens or someone says something and I burst out laughing. (My husband always looks at me half cross-eyed with that She'sDoingItAgain look.) It's awesome!

Oh, I also love your "Visit Amazon's Bonnie Edwards Page" at Amazon.com - a very nice blurb.

Bonnie Edwards said...

So, uh, Caron? Where do I send the money order? (oh, sorry did I say that out loud?)

LOL...thanks for stopping by *especially* when you're so busy!

Now I better go read that Amazon page...can't remember a thing about what I said.


nightsmusic said...

Well, that's a better reason than me! I was not at all happy with the way something ended, primarily because it *didn't* end. So I finished it the way I wanted. Yes, I know...my one and only piece of *gasp* fan fiction. And it's pretty bad. But I learned as I went and if one can get past the first three chapters, one can see I took the craft seriously so it was good practice :D

Whatever the reason, I'm sure glad you started! And didn't stop! :)

Sue A. said...

Bonnie great interview! I feel like I know you a little better and that we'd be friends if we'd met in person.

In answer to the question, I prefer a single title book, because I'm always left wanting more of a good story, so short stories aren't quite as satisfying. Maybe that's why I also like series, I hate to say goodbye to lead characters.

I do read multi-author anthologies, when at least one author is one I follow. A great way to discover new authors.

Bonnie Edwards said...

Hey Sue, ever hear how Alexis and I met? I decided at a conference that I wanted to sit with strangers so I could meet new people. I found Alexis and wow...what a lucky day that was.

I think one of the reasons I kept writing novellas set in my haunted bordello was because I love that house and all the sexy, creepiness of the place. It's almost a character in itself. That, and readers kept asking for more. :)

There are characters left from Midnight Confessions I'd like to match up with someone. Maybe I'll be able to do that some day.


Caron said...

We had snow in Texas today. My heat at home was out and as a result of the cold & wet, I worked a VERRRRRY busy shift at a store that is not my regular/home store, so I am SITting here with a deep sigh that I get to hang out with friends.
"Breathless" shipped today. I should have it in my hands on Friday! "YAY!" and major "Happy Dance!"
And, I think it'd be awesome to run into characters from Perdition House in the future!
Love ya Bonnie Girl! (You, too, NM & Sue!)

Bonnie Edwards said...

Caron, you'll run into some from Perdition House when you read Breathless.

The moment I started writing that novella I sighed with relief. To be back with familiar characters and places was great!

Maybe I'll write a short story for my website some day. We'll see.

Don't work too hard!

Stephanie said...

Congraulations to Caron the winner of the copy of Breathless!

nightsmusic said...

YAY!!! Congrats, Caron!! You're gonna love it!

Bonnie Edwards said...

Yay Caron! All that hard work has paid off in a book! I'm so pleased.

email me at bonnie@bonnieedwards.com with all your info (your Social Security number, driver's licence...checking account info) and I'll send a book along with the bridge from Brooklyn.

Sorry...you know what I need, baby!


prashant said...

Earthy and irreverent? Must be why we're such good friends!

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