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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Candace Morehouse and Michael Davis

Romance Perspectives: Man versus Woman

Michael Davis and Candace Morehouse are the co-authors of the newly released romantic suspense novel, Veil of Deception. While writing the book, they each came to new conclusions about gender differences, communication styles, and what romance means to a man versus a woman.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at all things romance as defined by each gender.

Q: When writing romance, how far do you go in terms of sex? Is it all laid out graphically, or do your characters slip behind closed doors?

Candace: For me, sex scenes are an integral part of any romance novel and I try to fit in at least three of them in each book I write. Just ask Big Mike – I kept trying to throw the heroine of Veil of Deception, Danielle, in the hero’s path but he would have none of it. Finally, out of frustration, I wrote a chapter where Kurt (the hero) could no longer ignore the inevitable. For the most part, their joining occurred behind closed doors but there’s also some pretty hot stuff leading up to, and after, the actual sex scene.

Big Mike: I know Candace thinks I’m an old fart that doesn’t remember what goes where, but in four of my six novels, the act is described in very artistic terms. You know what’s happening, it’s hot as hell, but I don’t use the P or V words. Why? I find it much more alluring and sexy (hey, I’m a wussy, what can I said). In terms of our collaborative work, my partner is a vixen that wants them doing the deed by the second page. In this particular story, timing was important. She’d say, “Can we do it now, how about now, hey we’ve got to do it NOW!”. I keep saying, “Not yet, too early, they need more time”. Finally half way in, I gave up. Have to admit; the combined scene (her part and mine) was hot and funny as hell.

Q: What did each of you learn about the other gender’s preferences when it comes to romance?

Candace: Well, for one thing men aren’t necessarily turned on by the things I thought would do it for them. I honestly thought if I put a half-dressed character in front of the hero, he wouldn’t be able to resist. Turns out that men (at least some of them), have a softer side rarely seen. Then again, I was surprised at how quickly Kurt reacted in certain situations, clearly showing Danielle that he was not immune to the feel of a soft, warm butt in his lap!

Big Mike: Two things surprised me, the voices women carry in their minds and their raw interest in sex. I’m not sure if the later is just my partner as an outliner, or it’s the norm. In terms of voices, we men have very few internalized fears of inadequacy, “Am I providing enough for her and my kids to have a good life”, and “Is my buddy sufficient”, that about wraps it up on our side. From working with Candace, it confirmed something I always expected and have discussed with my male buds; women are too damn hard on themselves. “My butts too big”, “Does he really want me”, “Are my toes ugly”, “Was that a sisterly peck or does it mean more”, “Will he think I’m a slut if I…”, “Am I eating too much in front of him”, “Am I sophisticated enough”, etc, etc. Ladies, let me expose a little secret, if you have B & B, we want it, bad. God made us that way to give you the upper hand. Now, if you come across a jerk, a player, he only wants one thing, but that’s not most men. At least not the ones I call bud. In terms of Candi’s comment about being surprised that a man might be reserved, believe it or not, we don’t want a women to thing its only the flesh that drives us. Sure, it’s important, very important, but we’ve been conditioned by parents, media, etc that women are apprehensive if a man comes on too strong. If we really care for a woman, we don’t want to drive her away by being too forward. Problem is communication. A woman thinks she’s sending clear signals when she’s not. The only sure fire sigh that would make me willing to risk putting it out there to a woman I cared for (other than lifting her skirt which would scare the hell out of me for obvious reasons) is if she casually entered my space. For example, whisper in my ear and make contact with your lips on my skin, or gently let your hand touch my chest, just for two seconds. To me, all communication barriers have just been vaporized, I’m on fire, and I’ll still respect her in the morning. Course, it’s important to note the difference in out ages. I’ve got a decade and a half on Candace and most ladies out their so there could be a generational thing at play too.

Q: What is the romantic thing you have personally ever done for that special someone in your life?

Candace: My favorite romantic setup for my man involves a bit of planning. I call it “the treasure hunt of love”. While my husband is at work, I’ll go around the house and plant little cards with directions to the next clue and some small little thing, like a cold bottle of beer, a music CD, soft, comfy clothes to change into, etc. The hunt goes around the house and ends in the bedroom, where I am waiting for him wearing nothing but a smile. I have a picnic of finger foods set up, a bottle of massage oil, and an erotic movie playing. And then...well I’ll leave that up to your imagination!

BM: I come home from work early and made her favorite dinner. The kids were with my parents. I had chilled wine and candles on the table. She comes in from work, we have a terrific meal, and afterwards, I lead her into a warm shower, shampoo her hair, massage her entire body, carry her into the bedroom, and consume her, again and again until she’s exhausted and falls asleep as I massage her back tenderly.

So there you have it. If you want to read more about how Mike and Candace formed their co-authored book and select excerpts from the novel, please visit their websites at www.davisstories.com and www.candacemorehouse.com. Veil of Deception in eBook format can be purchased through Champagne Books at http://www.champagnebooks.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19_9&products_id=347.


Candace Morehouse said...

Thanks for hosting us today!
I'd love to hear what others do to create a romantic ambience. Any suggestions for this upcoming Valentine's Day?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being here today, Candace and Mike! Great interview!

Angelica Hart and Zi said...

What fun watching someone else bat around the when to do the do. BM, you are not an old fart...and Candace if you're a vixen, you must be the cutest and sweetest one ever! A: As for romantic ambience, candle light, firelight, music and, what else, chocolate! Zi is now in hiding, can't get a response out of him.

Candace Morehouse said...

Poor Zi! Too much romance for him? From the excerpts I've read, he's pretty good at writing romantic scenes! Thanks for stopping by. You guys are the best!

Judy Griffith Gill said...

Fascinating! I've never heard the male POV explained so well when it comes to sex & romance which, IMO, are often two different things, though one will lead to the other in most cases. I really hope Mike's in the majority because he gives me hope that procreation among humans will contine despite the ones he calls "players".

Victoria Roder said...

Candace & Mike,
Great interview. I've got to read Veil of Deception can't wait to see how it all came together.

Candace Morehouse said...

Thanks for stopping by Judy and Vicky! We appreciate your support.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Judy and Vicki and A&Z. Player males are those that play games and compare tactics to build up their one nighter success list. There are guys that actually write books about. Fortunately all men are not like that and adore women

Michael Davis (Davisstories.com)
Author of the year, 4/09

Linda LaRoque said...

Loved the interview Candace and Big Mike. I'm in the middle of Veil of Deception right now. Must say I love the stubby feet. It's nice to see a heroine without a perfect body yet still desired by the hero.

Candace Morehouse said...

Thank you, Linda! The stubby feet were my idea (cuz I got stubby feet and hands, too) and I'm glad you liked that.

Annie Nicholas said...

I loved reading about the different perspectives man vs woman.