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Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome Candace Morehouse

Everyone Comes Into Our Lives For a Reason: How Full Throttle Was Born

Many years ago, I met a man through Match.com. After our first date, things progressed pretty quickly. We had a lot in common and we soon developed a deeper relationship. He moved into my house and we began planning for the future.

His dream was to become a motorcycle mechanic and own his own dynamometer. After graduating from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix and getting job at a custom bike shop, he convinced me to start a business together – Dr. Dave’s Mobile Dyno. We found a used mobile dyno, got our operation outfitted with custom bike ramps, computer, tools, canopy, and all the items we would need to travel around the state attending motorcycle events and poker runs.

One of our first regular gigs was showing up at bike night on Wednesdays at a local bar. For $20 we would run any of the patrons’ Harleys on the dyno and give them a printout of their horsepower and torque numbers.

At the time, I was working at a hotel as the office manager for the executive committee. For my day job I wore business professional dresses and heels. At nights and on weekends, I became Nurse Candace to my boyfriend’s Dr. Dave, jetting carbs and performing tune-ups in addition to running the dyno software.

We were vendors at events nearly every weekend. Friday night after getting off work we packed up our equipment and headed out of town. We would work outdoors all weekend and camp out overnight, then head back home on Sunday afternoon.

It was a grueling schedule. The work was dirty and physically demanding. While the bikers attending the events wandered around drinking beer and dancing to live bands, we took apart Harley engines and provided performance tuning. While all the biker babes strutted around in tight jeans and low-cut blouses, I wore an ugly ‘uniform’ of a man’s polo shirt and Dockers along with work boots and a baseball cap.

It didn’t take long for the adventure and excitement of taking the dyno to motorcycle rallies to wear off. I began to dread weekends and even more the Mondays I had to return to work at the hotel with grease under my fingernails and little rest.

When our relationship ended, so did the business. We sold the dyno, Dave moved out of the house, and we went our separate ways. I got remarried and moved out of town.

One day I was playing around on Facebook and I did a search for Dave. Full Throttle had just been released by Champagne and I wanted more than anything to find Dave and tell him this book was dedicated to him and our experiences together (although I made the fictional account much more romantic than the reality!). I did find him, and he responded. He was impressed to find out I was an author and after telling him about Full Throttle he responded that “everyone comes into our lives for a reason”.

This is so true. And everyone who comes into my life eventually winds up as a character in one of my books. Friends and family members beware!

Want to win a free eBook of Full Throttle? Simply leave a comment on this post and I will pick the winning name tomorrow February 6th and announce it here so be sure to check back with us.

Candace Morehouse
Full Throttle can be purchased as eBook or trade paperback at www.champagnebooks.com/books


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Candace! Great post.

Big Mike said...

My Lord what a terrific window into your history, PG. I am such a lucky guy to have you as a writing partner. Your own character goes deeper than most every know.

Oh, and what a hot gorgeous lady on the cover. Reminds me of someone, just can't remember who. Guess I'm going to have to get the book now, darn it (g). You've got my interest peaked.

BTW - Dave was right about one thing. The paths of people cross for a reason, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But each time we are enriched and take away lessons about life, love and the real big guy. I just got a new book contracted (SHADOW OF GUILT) that's all about the role others play in the evolution of out spirit. Been thinking a lot about that the last few years. Too bad it takes so long to learn all this.

Your big bud
Michael Davis (Davisstories.com)
Author of the year, 4/09

Allison Knight said...

Fascinating. And I have to agree. I find traits in my characters taken from people I've known. I taught school for years and what a wealth of inspiration. People would run a mile if they knew we were authors.

Candace Morehouse said...

Thanks Big Mike! I can't wait to read Shadow of Guilt - sounds like another great one.
Allison - isn't that true about "if only people knew I was an author..."? I've often wondered if anyone I know recognizes themselves in my books!

Anonymous said...

Love where this story came from! I grew up with two brothers and a father who rode HD bikes everywhere. I didn't get all the greasy parts and polishing chrome bit until I climbed onto the back of one. Now I find myself wondering sometimes what it would have been like to run off with one of my brothers' biker friends as I spy the Honda 90 in our garage. LOL - Now I HAVE to read this book!



Isabel Roman said...

What a cool story! And it's very true, everyone does come into our lives for a reason. Some times it's hard to know why, but I agree. There's a reason and it's great to know you used that experience to turn it into your story!


Angelica Hart and Zi said...

Oh my gosh, Candance, what an amazing insight into some of the motivation and muse of your book. I truly believe in there is a reason and a season, and in your world, it has been proven. Thank you so much for sharing, it got me choked up. So happy you were able to get in touch with him again.

Judy said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. Everyone does come into your life for a reason with different situations. I believe that is how we become who we are. Make sure to make the best out of each situation!!

Candace Morehouse said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!
Kaylin - if you'd run off with one of the bikers, I'm sure life would be very different right now. It's not as romantic in real life as it is in fiction. I have lots of stories - and one I included in the book - about having to do some work for a Hell's Angel. I was never so nervous in all my life!

Victoria Roder said...

How cool to hear the back story. Thanks for sharing. As a biker chick, I can't wait to read Full Throttle.

Candace Morehouse said...

Victoria - I can't wait to read Bolt Action either! We'll have to team up on promo when it comes out.

Candace Morehouse said...

And the winner of the free eBook of Full Throttle is.... Angelica Hart & Zi! Since I have their contact information so I will let them know right away. Thanks everyone who commented and thanks to You Gotta Read for allowing me to guest post.