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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome Guest Author Cherise Sinclair...

Growing a story

Every author probably visualizes the construction of a book in different ways. Some might see the process as a type of construction, putting together words, chapters, characters, and plots. Architectural planning, as it were.

Being a gardener, I often visualize my stories as plants. I start with a seed -- an idea from a dream, a picture, a problem, or even a question. For example, the seed idea for my book that releases today, Lean on Me, came from an observation of how many strong women are attracted to being dominated in the bedroom.

Strong women and submission. That seemed odd to me. You’d think if a person is submissive in bed, they’ll also be submissive in their job, in their friendships, and in their family. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

But why in the world would an independent woman want to be dominated? A lot of us are fiercely independent, proud of knowing how to change a tire, use a hammer, handle out own investments, mow out own lawns. (Although I’m a firm believer that only men should have to squish cockroaches).

Well, after spending a day being independent, tough, and motivated…making decision after decision…it can be exhilarating to hand your options over to someone else. To give up thinking and planning and worrying. When a Dom takes the reins, the submissive is left no choices except to simply experience what is happening. So a woman might discover that handing over control can be fun…interesting…totally hot. She might learn that submission, at least in the bedroom, adds something that’s been lacking in her sex life.

Okay, you say, that sounds interesting. So I had the beginnings of a character. Strong woman. Submissive. What kind of problems might she run into?

Well, there’s that obvious conflict of willingly handing power over to someone else. But that’s not all that unusual; strong, submissive women manage this all the time.

What if someone really, really needed that independence?

So my seed idea sprouted a few leaves and started growing into a story, one about a woman who is compulsively independent, yet craves to submit at times. What next?

Well, first she might find it difficult to find a man who she’d actually take orders from. You’ve not only got to trust him, but you have to think he’s capable of giving those orders. Like all talents and personality traits (like creativity, sociability, ability with numbers or words or soccer, etc.) dominance comes in various strengths. The more experienced submissives probably are laughing as they remember instances like this: “Yeah, there was this guy. He came up to at a party and acted like I should just fall on my knees before him. Not a chance.”

So my very strong heroine might have a problem finding someone dominant enough to bring out her submissiveness.

Enter Master Cullen, experienced, powerful, a Shadowlands master.

Problem solved?

Not quite. The story is beginning to bush out with leaves, looking good…but not quite there yet.

Unfortunately, a really hot sexual experience doesn’t always imply a happy-ever-after, does it? (And isn’t that a shame?) Yes, she might need to learn that there’s more to a relationship than just dominance and submission in the bedroom.

During this process, I heard a song (yay, waiting rooms) from years ago: Lean on Me, by Bill Withers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaVXfHZv50Y&feature=related

And I realized that Master Cullen might have a few needs of his own. A strong Dom might very well be (and usually is) as protective outside the bedroom as he is inside. As I listened to that song, I saw how much of Master Cullen’s personality was shaped by that desire to help.

So what happens when the heroine’s determination to never ask for anything runs into the hero’s drive to help?

And there it was, one seed idea, grown into a fine plant, all ready to flower into a story.

Dominant Males, Sizzling Tales
The Dom’s Dungeon from Loose Id
Masters of the Shadowlands 4: Lean on Me (Master Cullen’s story) Out 3/30/10 from Loose Id


Cherise Sinclair said...

It was a pleasure to be here today. Thanks for hosting me, Brynna!


Gabrielle Lee said...

Thanks for posting. I love your books. I can honestly say I have yet to be dissapointed with any of your stories and cannot wait to read this new one.It is interesting to see when and how you come up with some of your ideas and characters.


Isabel Roman said...

What an interesing concept! I love how you went from seed to flower, very vivdid description with your process. But the story sounds great, too.I'm new to your work, but will definntely need to check it out.

Cherise Sinclair said...

Thanks, Isabel! I hope you'll let me know how you like them. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining us, Cherise! Congrats on the new release!

Cherise Sinclair said...

Thank you, Gabrielle! That's awesome to hear. :-)

Cherise Sinclair said...

Brynna, new releases are so fun--and terrifying. There's always a horrible fear that this will be the book that doesn't quite work. I think it gets work with each one. LOL


MarthaE said...

I really enjoyed this post! The story does sound interesting. I like your gardening seed to plant process!