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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Author Evie Alexis!

Inconvenient Inspiration

I get ideas for my stories all the time, sitting at home watching television, eating lunch, washing dishes, even sometimes at church! (I know, I know.) If I’m home and get stung by the muse I can conveniently turn to my laptop or jot it down in my messy draft notebook which is nothing more than my stories but in half-chapters and disconnected scenes or bullets.

But sometimes, I get my Pulitzer-prize winning scenes during the worst of times. In the middle of the night, when I can’t move for fear of waking my light-sleeper husband, or while I’m driving and can’t write because that would be worse than operating a moving vehicle and texting at the same time.

I hate those missed opportunities. It’s not that I suffer from memory loss and can’t recall the gist of what I would like to happen in the particular scene, but at that moment I have such phenomenal dialogue and setting. The details in my mind are crisp, smooth, vivid, and the emotion is so poignant. After the fact, it can’t be repeated, duplicated or equaled. It’s like when the sports player is in that zone. The pitcher delivers a no-hitter, or the goalie stops every single pass with his eyes closed. The fire, the drive, the motivation is all there. Give it some time to cool. The ability and technique remain, but the magic and zeal, it kinda flew the coop.

My husband recently purchased a digital recorder because he has seen me during these magical moments and then witnessed the afterwards if they are lost. Rest assured, my reactions are never violent. The dear man only wants to make life easier, for both of us, I guess. But I have to get used to using my new tool. It’s going to sound weird listening to myself as I type. It just might kill the mood as all the characters have the same voice. I will give it a try. My family travels a lot, and it may be easier to pack a small digital recorder than a notebook with pages and napkins borrowed from other places.

That bug bites any time, anywhere.


Anne Patrick said...

Hi Evie,
I think once you get used to it you're going to love your new electronic companion. I've found that when I play mine back, it often sparks that initial idea and boom I'm in business. And most of the time the scene turns out better than I first pictured it. It’s really handy in the middle of the night when you’ve dreamed your next bestseller.

Celia Yeary said...

EVIE--Your husband sounds like a keeper--very thoughtful. I don't know if I could use a digital recorder either, but the idea is wonderful. I understand your frustration--my epiphanies usually come in half-awake, half-alsweep twilight zones, which, as you say, you can't get up and do anything, but also, my brain is too fuzzy too think about writing. But--I have worked out problems in some plot during those times and solved my quandry. Now, that's good. Thanks for the informative post--we can all identify. Celia

Cheryl said...

Hi Evie,

My husband's a light sleeper too, and many is the night I've just given up and gotten up to go write. LOL I cannot lie there and toss and turn!!! And although I used to try to keep a pen and notebook by my bedside, it never did work for me. That recorder sounds like it just might be the ticket! Good luck with it, and your husband gets kudos for thinking of you!

EA said...

Thanks ladies, for the great comments.

Anne, you're right. Like all good things, I have to give this new tool time. I'm sure, much like the computer, I'll think, how did I ever manage without this?

Celia, thanks. My hubby is definitely a keeper. He has proved that time and time again. A lot of my plot troubles do come to me in the middle of the night, and they're such amazing ideas! I end up tying the sheet so I can remember that great idea the second I wake up. A writer's life, right?

Cheryl, LOL! I tried that maneuver once, and my baby wasn't too happy about in the a.m. He already has learned to deal with certain things with this moonlighting writing I do. My hubby does think of me. There's no doubt about that.

Laurean Brooks said...

Evie, I understand perfectly. It happens to me all the time. I'll be driving down a highway, or catch something in the preacher's sermon that triggers a possible scene.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. LOL.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Evie,
How sweet of your hubby to gift you with a recorder. I hope you like it. I am the napkin, back of an envelope, or odd scraps of paper type myself so maybe that's what I should try.
And you are right about those fleeing "perfect" scenes. They never seem to strike the same way again if we miss our chance to get them down. Great post!

EA said...

Laurean, thanks for admitting this in turn. I'm sure the pastor would not approve, LOL.

Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. It was a great gift. I tried to use it once, and so far it was one of those awkward moments. Napkins have good surfaces to write on. Of course, that depends on the fineness or roundness of the pen. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, Evie! Welcome!

EA said...

Thanks, Brynna, for the warm welcome.