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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Amylynn Bright

YGR: Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself and your books.

 Hi! I’m Amylynn and I write historical and contemporary paranormal books. I’m very dry and sarcastic but I prefer to think of it as Dorothy Parker-ish snark. I love writing, but I’ve come to romance only lately and found a comfy home.

YGR: Out of Heave and The Sea Rose are your newest releases. Can you give us a glimpse into the book?

Out of Heaven is a contemporary paranormal. I wondered if an Archangel would ever love a human and if so, to what lengths would he go to possess her. The Sea Rose is a rollicking pirate tale – pure fantasy for me – I LOVE pirates. Not the Somali kind – the roguish, gorgeous, misunderstood ones of yore.
YGR: What inspired you to write the novel?

 Out of Heaven came about do to a Nickleback song – Burn it to the Ground. I originally envisioned the story as much darker. The Sea Rose was just a lark from beginning to end. I wrote the entire thing in 2 weeks.

YGR: Is romance the only genre you write? If so why?

I have written in many genres before, but nothing seriously. Romance is my home.

YGR: Do you have anything new in the works?

I always have a million things in the works. I have to be very diligent not to go off on writing tangents. I have a full length Regency novel out with agents right now, and several short stories and novels in the works.

YGR: What advice would you give unpublished writers?

 Listen to all the advice you can and then take away with you the pieces that work for you. Not everyone’s opinion or process is right for you. I belong to a fantastic RWA chapter that has outstanding speakers every month, but early on I took each piece of advice as gospel and went home alternately energized and then defeated because I would think I’d need to revise my work every single time.

YGR: What is your writing process like?

I do not outline. Sometimes I regret that, but I never do it with my first draft. I am often as surprised by the outcome as the characters are themselves. I also write late at night when my family is all asleep. I am a die hard night person.

YGR: Where do you get your inspiration?

 I get inspired EVERYWHERE. I can seriously come up with an entire plot from a song on the radio. Music does a lot for me.

YGR: When you set aside your work in progress for the day, what sort of books do you like to read?

 I’m a serious read-a-holic. I read everything. If I don’t have a book, which is never, I will read the back of a cereal box if necessary. It’s a sickness really.

YGR: What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in the name of research?

 I haven’t done anything especially strange, but because I do historical, I do a lot of research on mundane, everyday items. I know when postage stamps came into usage, when sugar cubes, concrete, barbed wire and bathroom fixtures were invented. Maybe I can supplement my writing with a gig on Jeopardy.

YGR: Where can we find you on the net?
www.thequillsisters.com and www.amylynnbright.com

YGR: Where can we find out more about your books?

Out of Heaven
By Amylynn Bright
Genre: Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHER: Keith Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936372-00-3
AUTHOR’S KP WEB PAGE: http://www.keithpublications.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56:amy-bright&catid=40:amy-bright&Itemid=60
BUY LINKS: http://www.wickedinkpress.com/product_info.php?products_id=30&osCsid=37bba22722f845de0018e8de0db1a3c0

BLURB: The Archangel Gabriel is going to Earth to win the woman he has loved for eons. He is confident that it won't be that difficult... but, he only has one day to meet her and make her fall in love with him. She's been hurt before and he finds that she's not exactly a pushover. And as if he needed a further challenge, there are mischievous demons trying to keep them apart.

EXCERPT: The instant he left her, a screaming infant under the bright lights in a modern hospital room, he return and demanded an interview with Michael.
"I'm going. You know the love I have with her is different. One life is all I want. I have watched her leave me and return for eons, and this time I'm going whether you approve or not."
Michael studied Gabriel. "Oh Gabriel ….Why do you want to go? Humans are only mortal. They are lesser beings than our kind."
"As you say," Gabriel nodded, "but, humans are also more than you give them credit for. Otherwise, she would not be compelled to return back there, especially not after the last horrid life. Why would a soul willfully return to pain unless the passion is more than you or I can imagine?"
Michael deliberated. Gabriel spoke with such ferocity, making it difficult not to consider his request and, being a warrior himself, Michael could appreciate his friend putting up a fight for what he wanted. Michael sat forward in his chair, steepled his fingers, and gazed at the other Archangel.
“What you ask is too dangerous, Gabriel.” Michael shook his head. “There’s no way to predict what could happen. Once they hear you’re down there . . . we couldn’t protect you.”
“I’m willing to accept the risk.”
“I’m glad to hear you are, but I’m not sure I want to accept the risks with you.”
Gabriel sighed in frustration. “Please allow me the chance. Just one life with her. I want to hold her with my arms and make love to her the way mortal men can."
After a long silence, Michael sat back in his chair, his polished armor gleaming in the ethereal light from the Astral Plane, and nodded. "One life. But, due to the risks, there will be rules and conditions."
"You have one earth cycle to entice the mortal woman to fall in love with you, true love. And you may not reveal your identity to her under any circumstances." Michael paused, probably for effect. He was not only the most powerful Archangel, but also the most dramatic. He stood and sheathed his massive sword. "If you fail, you will immediately return to the Akasha and there will be no other similar opportunity." His tone didn't allow for negotiation.
Only twenty-four hours. That amount of time would have to be enough time. "Thank you, Michael," he told the retreating warrior.
"God speed," Michael called over his shoulder. "And good luck."


Kelli said...

Hi Amylynn!

This is my second attempt at posting, so I apologize if it's a duplicate! Am a big fan, and have read your two novellas at wickedinkpress.com Your descriptive writing style makes the reader feel as if they are in the book. Keep up the great work!

A Big Fan

Amylynn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! And for the nice compliment.

Isabel Roman said...

I've noticed several angel-come-to-earth stories lately. I'll have to pick yours up, the whole angel/mortal/demon thing fascinates me. I think it stems from too much Milton during college.

Amylynn said...

Whatever it comes from, it sure is fun! And I agree, after I wrote it and was looking around for somewhere to send it, I realized that it was a whole new subgenre. I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks for coming by.

Judie said...

Could you please let me know who posed for the cover of your book? I would like to stalk him.