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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome Delia Latham

YGR: Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself and your books.

Hi! Thanks for inviting me to You Gotta Read Reviews. I'm an inspirational romance author. Yesterday's Promise is actually a re-release of my first novel, originally titled Almost Like a Song (2006). Goldeneyes was published in 2008.

YGR: Yesterday's Promise is your newest release. Can you give us a glimpse into the book?

Here's a brief blurb:

A missing bridegroom. A broken heart. Life will never be the same for Hannah Johns. With God’s help, she can make it on her own, but can she ever trust love again? Brock is drawn to the beautiful lounge singer, but his shadowy past won’t set him free. Can these two troubled hearts possibly find a future together?

YGR: What inspired you to write the novel?

I was actually trying to write Goldeneyes, and had come up against a major writer's block. I simply could not finish the book, and I was getting desperate. Prayers and tears and frantic internet surfing seemed to yield no break in the wall until one day I came across an advertisement for National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo). For those who might not know, this is an annual writing marathon in which the goal is to churn out a minimum of 50,000 words in 30 days - the month of November, to be exact. Writers are asked not to work on a book they've already started. So...on a whim, I laid aside what I was working on, pulled up a blank screen in Word, and started writing. I had no idea what I would write about, no character charts, no plot. All I knew was that the book would be set at least partially in Yosemite. Thirty days later, I had the barebones skeleton of what would become Yesterday's Promise. (And, for the record, when I returned to Goldeneyes, God provided the release and the inspiration to get 'er done!)

YGR: Is inspirational romance the only genre you write? If so why?

I like to write for children, as well. My children's picture book, Adam's Wings, will release in December 2010.

YGR: Do you have anything new in the works?

I'm working on a series called Solomon's Gate. It will be a collection of three novels based around a Christian dating agency.

YGR: What advice would you give unpublished writers?

Write, write, write. Experience is still the best teacher (though perhaps not the fastest). Also, never give up. Never.

YGR: What is your writing process like?

I'm pretty much a seat-of-the-pants writers, which is why the Nanowrimo thing worked so well for me with no pre-planning. I made up my mind to do it less than a week before November 1, when I started writing. I rarely create a physical outline, but I usually do a lot of mental mulling of my ideas. By the time I sit down to write, I often have entire scenes in my head just waiting to be "transcribed" to print. I try to write every day, though I'll admit that has become more difficult since I returned to work full time.

YGR: Where do you get your inspiration?

Life. People. Emotions. Newspaper headlines. Slices of life. Ideas are everywhere. One simply has to be on the lookout for them.

YGR: When you set aside your work in progress for the day, what sort of books do you like to read?

I review a lot of books, most of which are Christian romance. I rarely have time to read anything else. When I take the occasional hiatus from this genre, I go completely crazy and pick up a Dean Koontz or Stephen King.

YGR: What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in the name of research?

I can't think of anything particularly weird. Most of my research is done online. I did visit Yosemite while writing Yesterday's Promise, but that's pretty tame. My friend and I begged the housekeeping staff to allow us into a cabin in Curry Village so I could describe Hannah's vacation digs accurately. Again, not really weird, although those staff members might have thought we were a bit strange.

YGR: Where can we find you on the net?

Googling my name will pull up a variety of interviews, reviews, etc. But to find me directly, visit:

My website (http://www.delialatham.net)
Blog: (http://themelodywithin.blogspot.com)
Interview & Review site: (http://my-book-bag.blogspot.com), or
Newsletter: (http://bookshelfnewsletter.blogspot.com).

YGR: Where can we find out more about your books?

Yesterday's Promise is available in e-format only through White Rose Publishing (www.whiterosepublishing.com) or Amazon.

Goldeneyes is available in both print and e-format through Vintage Reflections Publishing (www.vrpublishing.com), Amazon, and most other online booksellers.


Lisa Lickel said...

Hi, Delia, nice to see you here and learn a little more about your process. Fun to think about a weird thing done in the name of research.

"What if" stories with a twist of grace

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Delia!

Delia Latham said...

Hey, Lisa! Glad you stopped by.

Thank you, Brynna - and everyone at YGRR! I appreciate being invited to your blog.