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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

VBT Sex and Subterfuge

YGR:  Welcome!  Tell us a little about yourself and your books.
IR: Hi, and thanks so much for having me today. I’m a NCIS loving, romance writing, chocolate addict. Don’t touch the chocolate and all will be well.

YGR:  Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex and Subterfuge is your newest release.  Can you give us a glimpse into the book?
IR: In an alternate universe in Victorian Philadelphia, magickers are hunted by Witch Hunters. These Hunters are officially sanctioned by British Parliament. In Philadelphia, the American magickers are actively fighting the mentality of the Hunters. And they’re also helping to relocate magickers pursued by them.

Morgana Blackthorne is bold and edgy who uses her feminine wiles to her advantage. She’s also a master magicker and the head of the American magickers. She’s fighting to retain her place within her own circle of magickers and her attraction to Lucien Harrington. Lucien suspects Morgana of murdering his parents, but quickly discovers a sensual, strong woman, one he wants more than anything.

Blurb: A master magicker, Morgana Blackthorne has a tenuous hold on her following. When a strange Englishman arrives on her doorstep with news of other druidic magickers, and magicker problems, she’s intrigued but suspicious. There hasn’t been contact between the American and European druids in over a hundred years. Plus she has her own worries and doesn’t need the handsome earl adding to them.
Lucien, Earl of Granville, left England to seek out the Blackthorne Druid line and discover what they’ve been up to since contact was lost. Once he and Morgana meet, their mutual attraction distracts him from his purpose. Embroiled in her problems, he finds himself more concerned with her welfare than is practical for a passing affair.
When I invited you into my bed, it never occurred to me I wouldn’t want you to leave.
There are darker forces at work and the hunger of a weak magicker desperate for power. Will Lucien convince Morgana of his true feelings before things spiral out of control? Or will the surrounding subterfuge tear them apart?


“Lucien Harrington,” Jacobs, her butler, intoned, “the Earl of Granville.”
Smiling, Morgana swept out of the circle, stepping into the foyer, and greeted her guest. His timing was off, but as the magicker she knew him to be, not suspect.
“Welcome, Lord Granville,” she said, offering a slight curtsy.
He was tall, with dark blond hair, dark blue eyes, and a sharp nose over which he looked down at her. Her eyes traveled over his face, down his body, clothed in immaculately tailored Savile Row, back to his face. Arousal pooled hot in her belly.
She’d never wanted any man. Yet Morgana wanted Lord Granville. Her skin prickled at his nearness, her womb clenched with want.
Forcing her mind off his body, she studied his face. Briefly, want flashed in his eyes and she smiled a truly wicked smile at him. It was gone as fast as it’d shone and she returned to studying him. There was grief hidden deep in his eyes, along with suspicion and weariness. Tilting her head, she wondered what caused those emotions. Suspicion she could easily understand. It’d been more than a hundred and thirty years since their families had any contact. Though, since he’d sought her out, she should be more suspicious of him.
“Mistress Blackthorne,” he bowed over her offered hand. Flicking a glance behind her, he said, “I hope I’m not interrupting.”
“Not at all,” Morgana smiled. She could all but feel David’s displeasure. Suppressing a giddy smile, she took Lord Granville’s arm and led him into the parlor. “We’re about to begin the New Moon Ritual. Do you still practice it in England?”
Looking up at him with guileless eyes, she waited for his confusion, gratified when it sparked briefly in those bottomless depths. Damn them all. She could be as gracious as she liked, but in the end, resentment bubbled to the surface. They’d abandoned her ancestors to indentured servitude and hadn’t bothered to contact any of them since.
“I’m afraid we lost that custom when we lost the valuable Blackthorne line.”
Morgana raised her eyebrow at him as they entered the parlor. Wasn’t he the diplomat?
“Would you care to join the ritual, Lord Granville?”
He bowed again and smiled. “It would be my pleasure, Mrs. Blackthorne.”

YGR:  What inspired you to write the novel?
IR: What else could have inspired me to create a verse, switch the Spanish Inquisition to the 1880s version of Witch Hunters, move it all to the Victorian era, and hide magickers in the background like some conspiracy of a secret society? The History Channel of course! Well, that and insanity. But I’m sticking with The History Channel. Sounds better.

YGR:  Is paranormal the only genre you write?  If so why?
IR: Nope. Well, let me think. Sex and Subterfuge is historical paranormal. I’ve written a couple straight historicals, and just sent out a contemporary paranormal and am eagerly waiting to hear back from the editor. Basically, the theme here is historical, paranormal, or historical paranormal. Huh. The common thread is romantic suspense. So I suppose romantic suspense could be the only genre I write, if you count all those others.

YGR:  Do you have anything new in the works?
IR: Oh yeah. I’m always juggling something; it goes along with that insanity. I have four stories currently outlined and am working on two of them now. Have I mentioned that I don’t actually know how to juggle? All those pretty little plastic balls keep smashing into things. Luckily, they’re soft plastic and don’t hurt. Much.

YGR:  What advice would you give unpublished writers?
IR: Keep trying. Finish the book. Always improve. You have a chance to go to a workshop you think will help? Go! Take notes. And if you go to all the trouble of paying, going, AND taking notes, FOLLOW THEM!

I read a book ages ago, The First Five Pages: A Writer's Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman. It’s invaluable.

And be prepared to cut. Those wonderful 135,000 words you wrote? Cut it down, baby. I don’t even want to talk about what my first (totally unpublishable) novel that was a monstrosity of 190,000 words. I’m sure that if I go back and cut 100K words it’ll be palatable, but as it stands now? No.

YGR:  What is your writing process like?
IR: It depends. I might have to step away and let the plot mull itself over during a walk or while I’m at work, or running errands. Then I sit in front of the computer until I want to choke myself and write. When I sit to start a story, I have a fairly good idea of where I want to go. Love that outline! But I do veer off if more tension, romance, sensuality, whatever is needed. And I keep those changes in mind with sticky notes and emails to myself.

YGR:  Where do you get your inspiration?
IR: The History Channel. No seriously, some of the stuff they show is awesome! And I daydream a lot. Honestly, though, a lot of the stories are jumping around in my head. For instance, I’ll stick paranormal into an unusual situation, mostly historical, and see what mixes up.

Antiquing, I’ll think about what would happen if… And of course, truth is stranger than fiction.

YGR:  When you set aside your work in progress for the day, what sort of books do you like to read?
IR: Anything. But I try not to read while actively writing so I don’t subconsciously pick up on anything. That said, I read a huge variety. Romantic suspense, historical romances, paranormal romances. Thrillers like Vince Flynn and Alan Furst, Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt (not his other series). Old school Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. Even young adult stuff like the Percy Jackson. I loved that series!

YGR:  What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in the name of research?
IR: I’m not sure anything I’ve done is weird, but I’ve emailed places for information on Russian history, Leeds’ railroads, things like that. I took a trip to Williamsburg, VA for research purposes for a story I many never write.

YGR:  Where can we find you on the net?
IR: You can email me at: ir@isabelroman.com, check out my website: www.isabelroman.com, where you can also find a free Dark Desires of the Druids: Choose Your Own Adventure story, follow me on Twitter: @ladyisabel, and friend me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/isabelroman

YGR:  Where can we find out more about your books?


Isabel Roman said...

Thanks for having me today! I hope you enjoy the exerpt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being our guest. Great Excerpt!

katsrus said...

Hi Isabel. Just following your book tour and saying hi.
Sue B

Isabel Roman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sue! And thanks Brynna, for having me. :)